A beautiful bike ride through Provincetown, Massacusetts

Nothing would ruin a nice trip more than picking up a bad cold or flu to take home with you! Unfortunately, not everyone stays home sick like they should! Combine this with less-than-stellar cleaning practices and you have a hotbed for germs.

There are certain areas that contain more germs than others. You should really take caution before touching these areas. Hotel remotes and door knobs are notorious for attracting germs. These areas tend to be bypassed by hotel staff when preparing rooms for the next guest. I also make sure not to use the comforter. I once saw a undercover hotel special where an employee said that they only clean the comforter once a month! Skip the comforter! Just use the sheets or better yet bring with your own blanket!

When I pack my suitcase for each trip, I make sure to include Lysol wipes or spray sanitizer. As soon as I walk into the hotel room I spray the most common dirty spots like remotes, light switches, and door knobs. It might not take care of all the germs but it definitely cuts down some of the risk. Any measure to avoid getting sick is worth a few extra minutes, especially with the high number of flu and cold viruses going around all year long.

7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

1. Avoid touching highly contaminated surfaces like TV remotes and light switches without first wiping them down.

2. Don’t use the room comforter. Immediately take it off and use your own if you are still cold.

3. Boost your immune system with natural herbs or teas. I like Rooibos tea because it contains plenty of immune boosting vitamins like zinc and vitamin C. I also like green tea, black seed oil, and turmeric tea. Antioxidant packed fruits like acai, blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranate are tasty and nutritious. Eat healthy in the weeks leading up to your trip to boost your immune systems.

4. Get out into the fresh air. Avoid spending too much time cooped up in the hotel room. Go for a walk or bike ride, or visit a local park. Also, try to plan your vacation around natural destinations like a national park or walkable city. This will force you to spend some of your vacation exercising!

5. Bring with a travel humidifier. You are more likely to get sick if the air is dry, especially during the winter months. A travel humidifier will keep everything moving along so your sinuses aren’t stuffed up.

6. Dine at healthy restaurants. For fast food, stick to healthier chains like Panera Bread and Jason’s Deli. The nutrients in the salad bar will help keep your immune system strong. As for local restaurants, look for places that specialize in healthy salads, wraps, or rice and veggie bowls.

7. Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching anything in the hotel lobby. Who knows how much other people have touched the surfaces.

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