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15 Most Picturesque Trails in Arizona

It’s really hard to narrow down the list of most scenic trails in Arizona. Really, the entire state is gorgeous and loaded to the brim with amazing mountain and cacti scenery. Both the weather and geography vary dramatically across the state, and thus, the hikes also vary in scenic beauty. This leads to an incredible […]

20 Amazing Coffee (and Tea) Shops

What makes a coffee shop great? Awesome espresso drinks? A cozy setting? Outstanding service? Ultimately, the difference between a basic and amazing coffee experience comes down to a combination of all 3. Luckily, you can find at least one interesting coffee shop almost anywhere you go, perhaps even in your own hometown. Take a look […]

Hiking the Incredibly Scenic Fat Man’s Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is a popular pit stop for travelers visiting the Grand Canyon and a host of natural wonders in the beautiful northern portion of Arizona. If you find yourself driving through Flagstaff enroute to a natural wonder, be sure to check out one of the area’s beautiful hiking trails. Rather than just walk around the […]