Arthur's Garden Deli - Dixon, IL

Arthur’s Garden Deli is a local cafe/sandwich shop known for serving comfort food favorites including: fresh sandwiches, various baked potato combinations, and fantastic daily soups. Arthur’s is definitely the place to go when visiting Dixon, IL. After touring the Reagan House, stop by Arthur’s for some comfort food.

Arthur's Garden Deli in Dixon, Illinois

Arthur’s offers a variety of options to suit everyone’s taste. There is even a small salad bar which you can add to any entree for an additional $4. In addition to hot entrees, you will also find homemade potato salads, Eli’s cheesecake varieties, fresh fruit, and a frozen yogurt bar. Take a peek at the menu below.

Arthur's menu - Dixon, IL

I really wanted to try the Quiche of the day, however, the special contained bacon. Instead, I ordered a veggie baked potato bowl, which consisted of cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and onion. I love this bowl! I also added on the salad bar, which was small, but still contained most of the traditional toppings. Update: As of 2023, Arthurs no longer offers the salad bar.

Baked potato bowl at Arthur's in Dixon, IL

Mike ordered the Chicken Breast and Cheddar sandwich. This is one of his favorites; he always orders it at Arthur’s. He also got a piece of Eli’s Cheesecake, which is a popular Chicago dessert specialty.

Arthur's Deli chicken sub - Dixon, IL

We always make room for a stop at Arthur’s anytime we are in town. The delicious baked potato bowls, soup, deli sides & cheesecake will keep you coming back for more.

Address: 1133 N. Galena Ave. Dixon, IL 61021
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-10:00pm. Closed on Sunday.