Squaw Valley aerial tram ride in Lake Tahoe

Winter is my favorite time of the year. Watching the fluffy white snow fall down & pile up outside, building a snowman, cross country skiing, an ice skating adventure at the beginning of a winter’s storm…there is nothing more exhilarating than being surrounding by the fresh, fluffy, beautiful falling snow.

There is nothing more festive than snow, especially around the holidays. The anticipation of a White Christmas can’t be beat. A beautiful wintry day can brighten anyone’s outlook (as long as you don’t have to travel in it!). For those of you who will not see any snow this season and for those of you like me who can’t get enough snow, here are some wintry pictures I have collected during my travels the past few years.

Snow capped mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming right before a winter snowstorm

Bridger-Teton National Forest in the winter

The beautiful snow-capped mountains of Bridger-Teton National Forest

Snowshoeing in Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Beautiful snowy views of the White Mountains from Bear Mountain Lodge in Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Beautiful winter's day at Nestlenook Resort in New Hampshire

A winter scene at Nestlenook Farm in Jackson, New Hampshire

A gorgeous winter sleigh ride at Nestlenook Resort in New Hampshire

A wintry horse drawn sleigh ride at Nestlenook Farm in Jackson, New Hampshire

Nestlenook Farm Ice Rink in Jackson, New Hampshire

The perfect winter setting at Nestlenook Farm ice rink in Jackson, New Hampshire

Cross country skiing on a snowy day in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

A cross country skiing adventure amidst a snowstorm in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

A snowy day at skyline overlook in West Dover, Vermont

Majestic views from a West Dover, Vermont overlook

Several feet of snow in Idaho

Several feet of snow piling up in Idaho

Snow in the high desert - at Idaho's Harriman State Park

A winter adventure at Harriman State Park in Island Park, Idaho

Snow capped mountains at Lake Tahoe's Squaw Valley High Camp

A beautiful mountain top ice rink at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe

Skiiers at Lake Tahoe's Squaw Valley resort

The perfect winter’s day…skiing among the majestic vistas in Lake Tahoe

Beautiful snowy views of Lake Tahoe from Squaw Valley's cable car ride

Fantastic views from the Squaw Valley Cable Car ride

Beautiful winter scene on Islesboro, Maine

Dark skies and snow starting to pile up during an early season blizzard in Islesboro, Maine

A winter snowstorm in Islesboro, Maine

 Looking out the window at an Islesboro, Maine snowstorm