Gillette Stadium - Finish at the 50 5k - Foxboro, MA

On Wednesday, I participated in a unique Patriots themed 5k race called Finish at the 50. 2013 marked the 4th anniversary of this amazing race. This race is a must-do for any New England Patriot fan as you get to run directly onto the field at Gillette Stadium! Crossing into the finish line and seeing yourself on the giant 48 foot HGTV screen was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The race starts around the stadium. You will then proceed to run up the ramps, down the ramps, and end with a spectacular finish onto the field!

48 foot HGTV screen at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts

The Race Experience

Both the 5k and 10k race were packed with participants (over 3500 for the 5k and over 2000 for the 10k!). I was expecting it to be a hot day, but I thought it would cool down a bit before the 5:30pm race time – no such luck! My race time was pretty bad due to the extremely hot temperatures (over 90 degrees!), but I was still able to place 489/3671 overall and 45/639 in my age group!

Going up the ramps was definitely the hardest part of the 5k – the incline is very high and turning for each ramp really slowed down my time.  I was expecting this to be a flat race as I didn’t look up much about it beforehand, so I was pretty surprised! It seems a lot of other runners were having a hard time with the steepness of the ramps. On the bright side, the views of the stadium were amazing!

Imagine running up these ramps in the 90+ degree heat!

Ramps at Gillette Stadium - New England Patriots - Finish at the 50 5k race

The last half mile or so of the race goes downhill on the ramps on the other side of the stadium. I needed this to pump me up for the finish line! After going up all those hills it was nice to gain a little bit of time going downhill. Next year, they could use another water station (there is only 1 stop and a second stop after the ramps would be nice!).

Take a look at a few of my photos from race day!

The Expo was really crowded, but there were plenty of free samples!

Expo at Finish to the 50 in Foxboro, MA

The Starting Line

Start line at Finish to the 50 5k in Foxboro, MA

Getting ready by your pace group. The race is conveniently set up according to your expected pace. I started around the 8:00min pace! These pace markers are great because they prevent trampling and also help you reach your goal.

Pace groups at Finish at the 50 5k in Foxboro, MA

The front of the starting line…

Starting line at Finish to the 50 5k race in Foxboro, MA

Runners take off!

Runners taking off at Finish at the 50 5k race in Foxboro, MA

The 1st place finisher came in at 17:08! What a feat especially in the extremely hot conditions!

1st finisher at Finish at the 50 5k race in Foxboro, MA

Your family and friends get to sit in the stands and cheer you on as you cross the finish line!

The Finish Line at Finish at the 50 5k race in Foxboro, MA
Gillette Stadium - New England Patriots

 The Patriots mascot and cheerleaders cheer you on as you cross the finish line! Here’s a pic he let us take before the 5k.

Patriots mascot at Finish at the 50 5k in Foxboro, MA

One of the best races in New England! (Especially for football fans!)

I highly recommend training for this 5k, especially if you are a New England Patriots fan. It was a unique experience to be able to run through the same tunnel that the players come out of during the games! It is also motivating to pass the finish line with the cheers and support of thousands of spectators.

Pros of Finish at the 50

  • Chip-timed
  • Organized into pace groups
  • Great views of Gillette Stadium
  • Opportunity to see yourself on the big screen as you cross in the finish line
  • Great restaurants and shopping at Patriots Place after the race
  • Amazing food samples before and after the race
  • Healthy snacks like organic salad and Whole Foods samples
  • Fireworks show after the race (not as good as I expected, but still worth staying around for)
  • Misting fans to cool off after the race

Cons of Finish at the 50

  • Ran out of small size T-shirts
  • No awards ceremony
  • Goodie bag wasn’t spectacular
  • Not allowing spectators on the field
  • A bit pricey ($40)
  • Not enough water stops (It was really hot out and we could have used at least one other stop on the 5k!)

2013 Race Results

To sign up for next year’s 5k or 10 race, visit the following website:

Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50