Scenic views of Buzzards Bay in Westport, MA

Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary is a 600+ acre refuge located in Southeast Massachusetts, in the town of Westport. There are 7 miles of trails available for exploring and photographing the beautiful forests, ponds, and marshes found within the sanctuary. Additionally, there are 1.5 miles of rocky coastline to walk along. The pond is habitat to several rare birds, including piping plovers and terns.

Scenic marsh views at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary - Westport, MA

The Beach Loop trail provides the best views of Allens Pond and Buzzards Bay. The path is peaceful, scenic, and absolutely breathtaking.  Our walk along the beach was relaxing, even though it was foggy and cold. I imagine the early summer months would be an ideal time to visit.

Beach Loop Trail at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Westport, MA
Views of Buzzards Bay from Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Westport, MA

Although the trails are open year-round, I recommend visiting during the warmer months. Our February visit, even on a warmer day, was still a bit too damp, cold, and foggy. On the bright side, the vibe was peaceful with no crowds whatsoever. Part of the second trail we attempted to complete was closed due to the mud, so we unfortunately had to turn around. Also, because of the fog, we couldn’t get great photos of Buzzards Bay. I would like to visit again this spring and complete all 3 trails.

A visit to Allens Pond is a great alternative to the super popular/crowded Horseneck Beach, also located in Westport. At this serene wildlife sanctuary, you are surrounded by natural beauty minus all the noisy crowds.

Parking for the Beach Loop Trail is located at 1280 Horseneck Rd, Westport, MA 02790. Free parking.