Pretty waterfall and fall foliage at Enders Falls in Granby, Connecticut

Connecticut is home to a number of gorgeous waterfalls, and although most are pretty small, the majority are located in picturesque, quaint forest settings. Enders Falls is just 30 feet tall, although the gorgeous natural setting and minimal effort required to see the falls, make it one of the best waterfalls to seek out in the state. The waterfall is easily accessible via a short hike within the tiny 2089 acre Enders State Park in the town of Granby in the Northwestern portion of the state. It really is a lovely place to take a nice nature stroll due to the presence of several streams, waterfalls, wetlands, and beautiful woodsy forests.

The beautiful Enders Falls Connecticut trail in autumn

A nature oasis during the off-season

Enders is a tranquil place in fall, spring, and winter for anyone seeking a quiet New England nature escape. It can get a bit busier in the summer due to the presence of a few small natural swimming holes which attract visitors looking to cool down on hot afternoons. The hiking here is pretty easy and relaxed and getting to the waterfall takes no more than 1/2 a mile. There are many different access points to view the falls, with the prime spot requiring a bit of scrambling around rocks, although nothing too challenging. Bring hiking sticks and wear sturdy footwear and you should be fine. There are several smaller waterfalls and streams along the way, creating such a picture-perfect setting anytime of year.

Pretty stream views along the Enders Falls trail in Connecticut
Waterfall along the Enders Falls trail in Granby, Connecticut

The entire hike is beautiful, not just the waterfall. This park is a favorite with photographers and there are many rocks on which you can place your tripod for the perfect smooth photo. Trail markage is adequate for beginners. If you are up for a bit more of an adventure, you can continue on to your heart’s desire on any of the unmarked trails.

Many attempt to cross the falls, however, it is recommended that you stick to the trail as the moss covered rocks are very slippery. There are plenty of fabulous views along the trail, so really no need to risk your safety! Proceed with caution! Enjoy the natural beauty from afar!

Leaf Peeping at Enders

Like most forests in the New England region, Enders really shines during the fall season. Golden foliage surrounds you in every direction, making it a perfect choice for leaf peepers and those interested in fall photography. 2017 was an abnormally lackluster season, however, we still came across a fair amount of foliage.

Pretty waterfall views in the Enders State Forest in Granby, Connecticut
Pretty red fall foliage at Enders State Forest in Granby, Connecticut
Golden fall foliage at Enders State Forest in Granby, Connecticut
Pretty fall foliage at Enders State Forest in Granby, Connecticut
Yellow fall foliage along the Enders Falls trail in Connecticut

Enders State Forest is one of those places where your experience will depend on when your visit falls. Summer weekends, the hike can feel very touristy. While hiking on a beautiful fall weekday often brings much tranquility. If you are taking a road trip through Northern Connecticut, Enders Fall is just one of the many hidden gem you will find in this gorgeous portion of the state. This short, yet stunning hike is one of those unique, off-the-beaten path treasures that is definitely worth a look if you happen to be traveling out this way.


Enders State Forest is located on Rt 219 in Granby, CT.

Parking is free, space is limited.

There are no bathrooms, picnic facilities, or trash cans – so plan ahead.