The pool area is clean and well maintained. Amenities include spring side towel racks, lights at night, and even an underwater bridge as a convenient means of transportation.

A cool underwater hot springs bridge in pagosa springs

There are many natural mineral deposits that make the setting even more attractive. The waters around these are very hot, so avoiding getting too close!

Natural mineral formation at The Springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Natural mineral formation at The Springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
A unique natural mineral formation at the hot springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Chemical free soaking!

The beauty of these mineral pools is that there are no harmful chemicals used like chlorine traditionally used to sanitize public swimming facilities. No need to worry about sanity though as the water is constantly flowing so there is no need. Additionally, the staff drains and cleans each pool every few weeks.

Mineral analysis of The Springs

So you may ask what gives these minerals waters the widely reported restorative health effects? The answer lies in the high mineral concentration, in addition to heat in general being excellent for soothing sore muscles and joints and promoting relaxation. Listed below is the approximate mg/L concentration of each mineral and it’s benefit to your health.

Sodium (790 mg/L) – The sodium found in the springs is equivalent to sea water. Bathing in salt water is very beneficial to those suffering from arthritis.

Potassium (90 mg/L) – Potassium is an essential electrolyte known to reduce high blood pressure, detoxify, clarify skin, and stabilize heart rhythm.

Magnesium (25 mg/L) – Magnesium is a mineral many of us are deficient in, yet it is very important as it converts blood sugar into energy, helps maintain hormones and muscles, and normalizes heart rhythm.

Silica (54 mg/L) – This trace mineral offers a number of benefits including boosting the immune system, maintaining the health of the nervous system, mucus membranes, & hair and nails, strengthening the bones, treating acne and reducing migraines.

Chloride (180 mg/L) – This electrolyte works with others to maintain proper fluid balance in the body. It also supports the musculoskeletal system.

Fluoride (4.3 mg/L) – Calcium fluoride helps strengthen bones, teeth, and the skin, contributing to hardness and stability.

Arsenic (0.12 mg/L) – Recent evidence shows that arsenic promotes new tissue growth.

Boron (1.8 mg/L) – Boron helps to build muscle mass, strengthens bones, and boosts activity within the brain.

Iron (0.08 mg/L) – Iron reduces fatigue and enhances skin tone. Those who lack this essential mineral may suffer from anemia. Many are not aware that iron also reduces stress and helps prevent disease. It also builds the blood.

Lithium (2.9 mg/L) – Lithium is reported to be great for those suffering from any type of gastrointestinal illness.

Manganese (0.23 mg/L) – This mineral helps to break down fats and cholesterol. It also supports the nerves and brain.

Zinc (0.01 mg/L) – Zinc has many benefits including aiding in digestion, helping wounds to heal faster, boosting the immune and cardiovascular systems, and supporting male hormones.

Sulfate (1400 mg/L) – Sulfur, which gives the hot springs that weird smell, actually provides numerous benefits, the main being powerful detoxification. It’s also a potent anti inflammatory mineral that supports nail, hair, bone, and joint health. More on sulfur below.

Hot springs vs. hot tubs

Soaking in a natural mineral springs is more rejuvenating, relaxing, and beneficial than an ordinary hot tub. There are no annoying jets splashing in your face and no harmful chlorine. The added bonus of being able to absorb healthy minerals is great for those interested in a healthy lifestyle. As your skin is the largest organ and very porous, you absorb most of which you are exposed to. Thus, you are far better off soaking in natural healthy minerals than drying chlorine!

Sulfur – “the beauty mineral”

That strange rotten egg like smell in the waters is sulfur. If you have ever bathed in a hot springs before, you will be familiar with it. Despite the unpleasant smell, there is no harm in bathing in sulfur. On the contrary, sulfur is one of the best detoxifiers out there. Additionally, sulfur provides other benefits for your hair, skin, nails, and joints. It’s funny to think that something that smells so bad can actually make your skin more beautiful. Sulfur aka “the beauty mineral” because it helps your body make collagen. Just another reason to visit a hot springs! While you are relaxing, you are also helping to keep off those wrinkles!

Complimentary soaking for resort guests

Guests staying at the on site Springs Spa and Resort gain 24 hour access to the pools at no extra charge. Day guests can choose amongst a variety of options which start around $65 per person ($25 for locals). Pools are open to guests from 9am-9:30pm (hotel guests get 24 hour access). I also recommend getting a massage in the wonderful spa. The San Juan Essential Massage is a luxurious escape which includes hot towels, warm pillows for your eyes, organic oils and creams, and top notch Swedish massage techniques.

Check out the massage menu at The Springs and the full pricing list for a day of relaxing soaking at The Springs.

Address: 165 Hot Springs Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147