Pretty views of the lake from the Austin Lady Bird Hike and Bike trail

Austin is one of the most beautiful areas of Texas. The city is home to many attractions which will appeal to nature lovers and fitness buffs. Most notably, Lady Bird Lake is a gorgeous downtown lake which provides numerous recreational opportunities for locals and visitors. Whether you feel like taking a scenic bike ride or jog around the lake, rowing, or fishing, you will enjoy the beautiful green scenery, sunny skies, and pretty lake and skyline views. It’s the best place in the city to get in a fabulous workout while surrounded by pretty greenery.

Kayakers and fishers enjoying Austin's Lady Bird Lake

The gem of the city

The Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail is the best attraction in Austin: a wonderful way to get out and explore this beautiful city. Taking a long walk or bike ride on this trail is the best way to get out and get in some healthy exercise while soaking in some vitamin D. The trail is 10 miles long, providing a perfect distance for long distance runners and bikers. If a short workout is more your style, then you can simply turn around when you feel like it. The trail is paved and mostly flat, although there are a few small hills, so you will definitely get in a decent workout.

Beautiful trees and lake views on Austin's Lady Bird Lake trail

The sheer amount of energy on the trail is sure to put you in a great mood. On any given day, you will see so many enthusiastic runners, bikers, and dog walkers out enjoying the beautiful scenery. It sure is motivating to see so many people out exercising. After just a few miles on the trail, you will quickly notice that many of Austin’s residents are very healthy and fitness focused.

Runners enjoying Austin's beautiful Lady Bird Lake trail
Bikers enjoying Austin's Lady Bird Lake trail
Runners and bikers on Austin's beautiful Lady Bird Lake trail

Most of the trail is lined with beautiful trees, providing great shade for those unbearably hot and sunny 100+ degree days which seem to go on forever. Because of the dense tree coverage, you can enjoy this trail year-round. Although summertime, you will still want to get out here early to beat the heat.

Tree lined views on Austin's beautiful Lady Bird Lake trail
Tunnel of trees on Austin's beautiful Lady Bird Lake trail

Gorgeous lake and skyline views

The best part of the trail is the beautiful lake and skyline views, which are abundant. There are plenty of benches along the way to take a recovery break while you soak in the gorgeous scenery. In addition, you will find several restaurants and coffee shops if you need a refueling break.

Beautiful lake views on Austins's Lady Bird Lake trail
Pretty skyline views along Austin's Lady Bird Lake trail
Pretty views of the Austin Texas skyline from the Lady Bird Lake trail

If you want to avoid the crowds, be sure to get up as early as possible or preferably visit on a weekday. Note that this trail is very popular, and thus, gets crowded, especially on the weekends.

So if you find yourself in Austin be sure to take advantage of this wonderful trail. It is one of the best urban trails in the country: active, beautiful, and the perfect distance for a long run or leisurely bike ride.

Location: First Street Bridge at Lady Bird Lake

For more info and a map of the trail, visit the website.

Keep in mind that summer temps can soar into the mid to upper 90’s on a daily basis with high humidity. Also, it’s not unusual for the temperature to reach 100. Bring with plenty of water and refuel with snacks. Morning temps will be much more tolerable, typically in the 70’s or so. Obviously, spring and fall would be the ideal months weatherwise to enjoy the trail any time of day.

Stop by Mozart’s Coffee Roasters before or after your ride for a cup of joe and a pastry or breakfast entree. This is the best coffeeshop in the city. The coffee and food are great and the patio overlooking the lake is just beautiful!

Scenic lake views at Mozart's Coffee Roasters in Austin, Texas