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Gloucester: Visiting Crow’s Nest, The location of “The Perfect Storm”

Crow's Nest - Gloucester, Massachusetts

The Crow’s Nest is the bar that was used in the movie, “The Perfect Storm.” The actual bar was not used for the movie because the ceilings were too low for the cameramen, however, a replica set was made in Hollywood. Cast members such as George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg hung out at Crow’s Nest while filming in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

I would advise reading the book or seeing the movie beforehand to familiarize yourself with the story.  For those of you who haven’t read the book or seen the movie, The Perfect Storm is based on the true story of 5 Gloucester fishermen and their captain who never return from a late season fishing expedition due to a disastrous storm now known as the “Storm of the Century.” The book captures the last few days of the 6 fisherman’s lives aboard sword-fishing boat, Andrea Gail. It is an incredible movie, and a really incredible experience to be able to visit the bar in person and learn more about the real life story. The bartender actually knew some of the men who lost their lives and provided a lot of interesting information regarding the disaster.

Along the walls, you will find various pictures of the actual men who lost their lives, along with pictures of the Hollywood celebrities who appeared in the movie and visited the bar while filming scenes in Gloucester.

Take a look at the pictures of each of the men that adorn the walls

Captain Billy Tyne
Captain Billy Tyne - Andrea Gail - The Perfect Storm

David “Sully” Sullivan
David "Sully" Sullivan - Andrea Gail - The Perfect Storm - Crow's Nest

 Alfred Pierre
Alfred Pierre - Andrea Gail - The Perfect Storm - Crow's Nest

Robert “Bobby” Shatford
Robert Bobby Shatford - Andrea Gail - The Perfect Storm - Crow's Nest

Michael “Mike” Moran
Michael "Mike" Moran - Andrea Gail - The Perfect Storm - Crow's Nest - Gloucester, MA

Take a  look at a few of the pictures that I took of the bar/wall decor

Pictures of the filming crew hanging out at Crow’s Nest adorn the walls

Various celebs visit the Crow's Nest in Gloucester, MA

Plaques and pics of Andrea Gail - Crow's Nest - Gloucester, MA

Here is the commemoration plaque acknowledging the crewmen of the Andrea Gail

Plaque commemorating the crew of the Andrea Gail - The Perfect Storm- Crow's Nest - Gloucester, MA

Crow’s Nest is an interesting spot to stop for a few drinks if you are a fan of the book or movie. They no longer serve food, however, there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance. The Crow’s Nest lodging provides views of the harbor if you need somewhere to stay while in town. Souvenir items such as hats and T shirts can be purchased at the bar and make for a great little stocking stuffer for fans of the film.

Fun fact: The National Weather Service created the term “The Perfect Storm” in October 1991 to describe this monstrous storm off the New England coast.

Crow’s Nest Address: 334 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930
Crow’s Nest Website

From the Crow’s Nest, you can walk over to the shipyard, which is the oldest working in the US. Here are a few pics of the boats and waterfront.

Shipyard in Gloucester, MA - near the Crow's Nest

Shipyard in Gloucester, MA - near Crow's Nest

Shipyard in Gloucester, MA - near Crow's Nest

Shipyard in Gloucester, MA - near Crow's Nest

Shipyard in Gloucester, MA - near Crow's Nest

You can also walk or drive about a mile or so to the Fisherman’s Memorial Statue. Built in 1925, this statue commemorates all those Gloucester fisherman who have lost their lives at sea, since the seventeenth century.

Fisherman's Memorial - Gloucester, Massachusetts

Fisherman's Memorial Statue plaque - Gloucester, MA

Address: Stacy Boulevard, Gloucester, MA

There are dozens of restaurants within walking distance. We decided to go with a restaurant called Espresso Italian Grille & Pub, which was recommended by one of the locals at Crow’s Nest. To read about my experience at this restaurant, click here.

Gloucester, MA waterfront


  1. The Crow’s Nest is open til 12:30 on both Saturday and Sunday. I would say Saturday is probably better if you plan on doing other attractions/dining at restaurants while you are in town as they will most likely be open later.

    • Kraig
    • August 22, 2018  at  1:21 PM

    Just a quick question, is it better to visit Gloucester on a Saturday or Sunday ?
    My family and I will be visiting in late September and driving up from Boston.
    I would appreciate any comments.
    Thank you.
    [email protected]

    • Twyla
    • June 22, 2016  at  1:50 PM

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the movie-version of the Crow’s Nest was actually built in Gloucester, not in Hollywood. My understanding is that it was built on Harbor Loop, which is just a bit down the road from the Crow’s Nest. Have been to the Nest a number of times and love it there. Great people.

    • Lynn
    • January 28, 2015  at  12:43 AM

    Thanks for all this great information. My friends & I go to Salem every year. We were looking to do a day trip some where & this looks like the perfect place to visit!

    • Rich M
    • January 18, 2015  at  1:10 AM

    Completely cool place to visit. To me it had the same feeling as visiting NY and ground zero. To think those guys hung out there. It’s both sad and a feeling of excitement that they are remembered the way they are. As well as many other locals on the wall. Great place

  2. That sounds exciting! I hope you enjoy your trip! Gloucester is a great town with plenty of unique attractions – hope to be back myself in the future!

    • Bob Fuller
    • August 14, 2014  at  6:54 PM

    I have had the pleasure of actually staying at the crows nest and expience some of the greatness that gloucester has to offer. Love the movie perfect storm love the hospitality and i love fishing yankee charters in gloucester,matter of fact i have a trip scheduled for 8/18 and 8/19 and yes im staying at the 1and only Crows nest. Cant wait

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! I agree the locals were very friendly!

    • john,peter,dan,mick
    • June 22, 2014  at  12:59 AM

    went there last week out of interest for the film
    can honestly say it was one of the most welcoming places on the trip
    the locals will take time to talk and are so genuine and real people
    an absolute must see place

  4. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂 I agree-the bartenders and locals were all very friendly!

    • Rick
    • April 15, 2014  at  6:59 PM

    Great pictures and write-up, thank you. I had a chance to visit last week and enjoyed having a few beers with the local folks there. Very friendly. The bartender let me browse the photo album with pictures of the Perfect Storm actors and the owner took time to discuss each one. Very much worth the trip.

  5. No problem :-). It’s a great place for fans of the book/movie. Plus, there are plenty of other things to do in the Gloucester area.

    • james brown
    • March 21, 2014  at  9:13 PM

    would like to pay a visit one day. thank you for posting the pictures

  6. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. Hopefully you make it out there one day! It’s definitely a unique experience for fans of the movie, especially with the knowledgeable bar staff, some of whom personally knew the fishermen.

    • Ian
    • January 10, 2014  at  2:31 PM

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I’m a big fan of both the book and the movie. One day I hope to make it there for a drink in their honor – and all the others since forgotten.

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