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Central Cafe
254 Center St. Ste. 1
Middleboro, MA 02646
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While staying in Middleboro, Massachusetts for the week, I had the opportunity to try out several local restaurants. One of my favorites was Central Cafe, a small local pub style establishment.

This cafe is a great choice for those looking for a comfortable spot to watch the games. They have a beautiful Mahogoney bar with a large draft beer selection. In addition, several flat screen TVs provide great viewing entertainment.


The menu is large and offers a variety of pub style food and appetizers, pizza, wraps, and sandwiches. Although the pizza is very popular with locals, we decided to go with a sandwich. I am glad that I did as the Sauteed Veggie Wrap served with homemade sweet potato chips was fantastic!

My boyfriend loved his Buffalo Chicken sandwich. Their special "Buffalo sauce" gave the sandwich an interesting twist.

The portions were very large; I only finished half of my sandwich.

Price are low for the quanity of food you receive (about $8 per sandwich). Take a look at the Central Cafe Menu

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Our waitress was very cheerful and efficient. She made all the substitutions we asked for without any problems.


The restaurant/bar area feels like your typical Irish pub, which makes it an idea destination for football and basketball games. The dining area is small, but cozy and friendly.

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Final Remarks

Our experience at Central Cafe was great! I would definitely stop here again for the excellent food and friendly service.

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