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Al Mac's Diner
135 President Ave
Fall River, MA 02720
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Al Mac's Diner is a historic stainless steel diner in Fall River, Massachusetts. The restaurant recently reopened with new owners after being shut down for 8 months. My boyfriend and I decided to stop in one night to check out the menu.


The menu was much smaller than I expected for a diner and also more expensive. Usually diner breakfast food is pretty cheap and you receive very large serving sizes.

I ordered 2 eggs, potatoes and toast and my portion was tiny! The eggs weren't scrambled either; they came out looking like a hamburger patty which changes the texture and taste of the eggs.

My meal had to be the smallest breakfast serving I have ever seen! My boyfriend ordered an open faced turkey sandwich; he said it was terrible because it had no gravy and was covered in sugary cranberries.

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Service was not good. The waitress was extremely slow and not friendly in the slightest. She never came back over to check on us - I had to wait almost 20 minutes just to get a straw for my drink since she forgot to initially bring one over. The food took forever, which was funny because after waiting so long we barely had anything to eat.


Al Mac's is a historic building built in 1953 which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. I wasn't that impressed with the place. I have been to diners that have a better old fashioned theme. They were playing 50s music in the background which was nice, but the old time ambiance was just not there.

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Final Remarks

I do not recommend Al Mac's Diner - the food was not very good and the breakfast servings were much smaller than a typical diner. I have had better breakfast at Denny's or IHOP. On top of poor quality food, the 50s diner theme also needs to be improved.

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