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Pexioto Coffee Roasters

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Pexioto Coffee Roasters

11 W Boston St
Chandler, AZ 85225
Overall Rating: 4.5
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    Michael M.
    Price Point
    Mar. 6th 2017

    Peixoto is a coffee house and roaster in downtown Chandler. It's one of my favorite places for coffee in the Phoenix metro area. It seems these cozy independent alternatives to the common coffee chain are beginning to pop up all over the place nowadays.

    Peixoto is located in downtown Chandler, a cute little area lined with shops and restaurants and beautifully landscaped. It's a nice area to stroll around for an hour, with Peixoto being the perfect place to stop for a refreshing coffee break. The Peixoto family has been growing high quality Arabica beans on their family farm in Brazil for 100 years. The family originally planned on selling their beans to a roaster, before deciding to roast the beans themselves and open Peixoto in 2015. We tested out both the house coffee and Americano, both of which were amongst the best we have had in the area (next to Cartel which is another fabulous local coffeehouse & roaster). Almond and soy milk are just an extra 50 cents for anyone trying to avoid dairy. Hot Chocolate and tea are available for non-coffee drinkers. If you are up for trying something new, their Prickly Pear soda is pretty popular (prickly pear + cascara tea) .

    Service was fast here despite the crowds. Even really early on a Saturday morning, the place was already packed!

    The setting at Peixoto is very relaxed and casual. The space is modern and spacious. The brick walls add a nice modern touch. Both tables and cozy couches are available. This coffeehouse has a slight hipster vibe and you will notice lots of young adults working on their laptops. Wi-Fi is available and it's very fast, so a good place to work for the day.

    If you happen to be heading out near Chandler for the day, you should definitely give Peixoto a shot. It's not really any pricier than Starbucks, yet you get to enjoy quality coffee and a nicer ambiance.