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14 Imperial Place #101
Providence, RI 02903
Overall Rating: 4.5
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    Mary M.
    Price Point
    Oct. 17th 2013

    This afternoon, Mike & I had the pleasure of visiting CAV, my new favorite restaurant in Providence! This eclectic fine dining establishment is located on a quiet street in the Jewelry District of Providence. For Mike's birthday lunch, we were both looking forward to something unusual: we definitely found this in CAV! I find this restaurant to be very unique amongst a string of bland restaurants we have previously tested out.

    Lunch at CAV was wonderful. I really enjoyed my ChickVeg sandwich, without the chicken of course. This grilled flat bread sandwich was stuffed with zucchini, eggplant, onions, squash, grilled peppers, and melted mozzarella. I don't know how they managed to stuff so many vegetables into a small sandwich, but it sure was good! The side salad and steak fries were excellent as well. Mike ordered the TexMex, a Southwestern style wrap stuffed with spiced chicken, pepper-jack cheese, salsa, and Chipolte Mayo. He was very pleased with his choice and mentioned that he would order it again. Overall, we were both extremely pleased with our choices. Other options on the lunch menu include a variety of sandwiches, salad, and pasta choices. Check out the full CAV menu

    Service was exceptional: refined and classy. Our waiter was very accommodating with our substitutions (Mike wanted his sandwich without bacon and I wanted mine with light cheese). Entrees were presented with both grace & style.

    This beautifully styled restaurant features unique Asian and African themed art. There are so many interesting statues and pieces to look at; I felt as if I was in a museum. The old brick walls give the restaurant a lot of charm, as do the beautiful chandeliers and offbeat dining room colors. You will have plenty to look at while waiting for your meal. The dining room is elegant, making it the perfect choice for a celebration dinner or romantic night out. Everything looked very clean and contemporary, while still maintaining a classic vibe.

    CAV is the best restaurant we have tried out so far in Providence. I enjoyed the quiet location away from downtown. More importantly, the food, service, and decor were all top notch. The eclectic, stylish decor is sure to win you over for a repeat visit: I know it did in our case!