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The Rendezvous

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The Rendezvous

100 N San Francisco Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Overall Rating: 4.0
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    Maureen R.
    Price Point
    May. 7th 2015

    The Rendezvous is a unique daytime coffeehouse/night time martini bar located inside Flagstaff's historic Hotel Monte Vista. Built in 1927, the hotel is supposedly haunted and is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country.

    The Americanos and mochas here are just great: never burnt with a nice smooth, rich flavor. You will definitely be craving another, and how could you resist when you have the perfect setting overlooking downtown? One of the specialty espresso drinks is a "Hot Monte," a combo of espresso, dark chocolate, cayenne, and cinnamon. Japanese Pour Over and French Press are also found on the menu. In addition, a handful of loose leaf green, white, black, and roobios teas will please those trying to cut back on caffeine. Breakfast options include a few pastry options, which in all honesty, usually look pretty old and unappetizing. At night, you will find a wide assortment of specialty cocktails and martinis. On a side note, I wish they would improve their wine list which is currently very limited.

    Service is always fast, especially in the morning when no one is around. Luckily, this coffee shop is less busy then others and has virtually no wait. Service is steadily getting better here compared to a year ago.

    The setting at this coffee house is quite attractive compared to others downtown. The comfortable couches, pretty artwork, and absence of any crowds leads to a rather enjoyable coffee drinking experience. Gazing out the large windows, taking in the action on San Franciso Street, while sipping a great espresso, is the perfect way to start any morning in Flagstaff.

    Overall, Rendezvous is a decent option for those seeking a quiet, upscale coffee experience. The relaxed atmosphere is quite enjoyable for enjoying your morning beverage, and unfortunately, not really available anywhere else downtown. I recommend skipping the trendy, overcrowded, overpriced choices in favor of this local gem.