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Spruce Tree Espresso House

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Spruce Tree Espresso House

318 E Main Street
Cortez, CO 81321
Overall Rating: 4.0
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    Mary M.
    Price Point
    Sep. 19th 2015

    After hours of driving through the desolate Northern Arizona region and craving a good cup of coffee, I finally came across a small town called Cortez, where I accidentally found a small coffee shop called Spruce Tree Espresso House. I was not expecting much from a random road trip stop, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality espresso drinks and unique decor of this local gem.

    Spruce Tree now offers food along with a full espresso menu. You will find a few light breakfast and lunch menu items including scrambles, sandwiches, soups, and salads. In terms of espresso drinks, they offer all the usual drinks in addition to a full list of creative specialties including a Reese's Peanut Butter latte. Their beans are sourced from an organic/fair trade company in Durango called Desert Sun. Despite the abundance of specialty drinks, including a delicious sounding seasonal Pumpkin pie drink, we stuck with a classic Americano and Mocha. I am glad we did as both drinks were flavorful and delicious.

    Service was friendly and quick.

    The inside is a bit bland considering that they are located in an old house. You would think they would have done a little more with the design. The patio, on the other hand, is pretty interesting with all sorts of license plates scattered along the walls. The classic 70's music playing in the background was a great alternative to the loud, modern pop typically blasted through the speakers at most shops.

    Overall, Spruce Tree Espresso House is a great choice for anyone traveling through Cortez. If you find yourself craving an espresso drink after several long hours of driving in the desert, Spruce Tree is sure to satisfy your craving. So sit down and enjoy a delicious drink on the breezy patio, which is sure to perk you up after those boring hours on the road.