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Rawk Star Cafe

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Rawk Star Cafe

32522 US Highway 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Overall Rating: 4.0
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    Maureen R.
    Price Point
    May. 16th 2014

    Raw vegan food that is affordable and delicious? Head right over to Rawk Star Café in Palm Harbor, Florida. This small, local restaurant serves up an enticing menu of all raw, vegan, soy, gluten, egg, fish, and corn free meals, smoothies, and treats. Even better, they do not use any GMO’s or processed ingredients in any of their dishes. Today, it is hard to find many restaurants that serve only raw vegan food, and even harder to find those that do not charge astronomical prices. Treat yourself to a delicious wholesome meal served by a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

    Rawk Star has a small, yet enticing menu. Everything on the menu is raw vegan with no major allergens used, including: soy, wheat, dairy, fish, egg, or corn. The benefits of a raw food diet are varied. Proponents claim that the lifestyle incorporates the following benefits: weight loss, a clearer complexion, an increase in energy, a reduction in chronic diseases, and much more! Although I personally would never go on a 100% raw diet, I do try to incorporate as many raw fruits and veggies as possible into my lifestyle. Trying out a raw restaurant is a great way to introduce more fruits and veggies into your diet, learn more about this lifestyle, and experience the benefits of living foods. The avocado and egg-free egg salad collard green wraps were both delicious. Each wrap was filed with a combination of veggies and served with a side of raw veggies. The side was a bit skimpy in my opinion. Also, I would have preferred chips over more veggies, however, the wrap was filling enough in itself. We also ordered a slice of raw pizza, of which I was not a fan of at all. I did not like the combination of flavors, especially the macadamia nut cheeses. Mike, on the other hand, thought it was pretty good. It all depends on your individual taste preferences.

    The owner was on-site giving out samples of various items on the menu. It’s nice to test out flavors before your commit to a full meal, especially when it comes to vegan food that you may have not yet experienced. Staff was very friendly and enthusiastic. The vibe was cheerful, healthy, and educational.

    The dining room is small, yet bright and cheerful. The healthy vibe fits in perfectly with the super nutritious menu. You can browse around the different health products and foods available while you wait for your food.

    Rawk Star Café was a great experience for me. It opened my eyes to the benefits of raw foods and taught me more about the different combinations of fruits, veggies, and nuts you can incorporate to make a whole, satisfying meal. Treating your body right with the most nutritious, energizing foods is the single best thing you can do for yourself. Who knew raw foods could taste so good!