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Barking Frog Grille

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Barking Frog Grille

2620 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336
Overall Rating: 4.5
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    Mary M.
    Price Point
    Aug. 29th 2015

    Barking Frog Grille, located in West Sedona, is the best choice in town for great Southwestern style dining in a beautiful setting. This gorgeous restaurant offers everything you would look for in a great night out: tremendous service, outstanding food, and a beautifully designed dining room.

    The menu at Barking Frog Grille is fantastic, offering both traditional Southwestern foods and a few unique local selections. As a bonus, they are very accommodating to those trying to avoid gluten, as well as to those following a vegetarian diet. One of the specialties Barking Frog is well known for is cactus fries served with prickly pear sauce. It's a great option for anyone wanting to try out something a bit new and different that you can only order in Arizona! We really enjoyed the fantastic house-made guacamole served with warm tri color tortilla chips. I highly recommend this delicious and filling starter dish, which is beautifully presented in a stone bowl. Another great choice is the Southwest Nachos, a heaping portion of tri color tortillas loaded with black beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, grilled chicken, queso, and pico de gallo. We were dining dairy free and our waiter had no problem substituting grilled peppers for the cheese. Altogether the tasty combination of ingredients led to a really pleasing appetizer! Traditional favorites like tacos, soups, enchiladas, and fajitas can be found on the menu. Other entree selections include Southwest Fried Chicken, Cedar Plank Salmon, and Lemon Crusted Halibut. The high desert fajitas are a great choice for everyone as they are easily customizable to fit any diet including vegan and gluten-free. These delicious fajitas (available with soft wheat or corn tortillas) are stuffed with sauteed peppers, onions, chiles, sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Alongside, you will receive delicious red rice and black beans. The 3 tacos were stuffed to the brim, so much so that I could only finish 2. A dessert and drink menu, including such unique selections as a Prickly Pear Margarita, is available. Prices are so affordable considering the humongous portions you are served. Let's just say we left with plenty of leftovers. Plenty of items on the menu can be made gluten-free and or vegetarian, and are conveniently marked as so. The staff has no problem accommodating special dietary requests to the best of their ability.

    Service was simply outstanding at Barking Frog. Our waiter was friendly, attentive, and professional. He made any substitutions we requested without a hassle. He checked with the chef to ensure that everything we ordered was prepared gluten and dairy free. The fantastic service really made all the difference in us leaving feeling like we had a wonderful dining experience.

    The highlight of a visit to Barking Frog is the gorgeous Southwestern architecture. The dining room space is huge (8000 square feet) with 3 separate rooms and multiple outdoor patios. The design is so beautiful and relaxing that we had a hard time leaving! During the beautiful fall and winter months, you can enjoy the quaint outdoor patio, which is surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Twinkling lights and a fire-pit create a wonderful setting for date night.

    Barking Frog Grille is one of the best restaurants in Sedona. Far away from the crowds in Uptown Sedona, you can enjoy a relaxing & delicious meal in a beautiful unique setting. Wonderful service, food, and design would definitely bring me back for a second visit.