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Maine is an amazing state; one of the most beautiful I have ever had the opportunity to live in. Approximately 90% of Maine is covered with forest. This accounts for the very scenic landscapes and parks found throughout the state. It is hard to find a better place to take a vacation if you are looking to get away from it all. Here are 10 fun activities & attractions to check out on your next visit to Maine.
  • 1. Hike the Mt. Battie trail at Camden Hills State Park
    Hike the Mt. Battie trail at Camden Hills State Park
    280 Belfast Rd, , 04843
    This scenic state park is located in Camden, a beautiful, quaint coastal town in Mid-Coast Maine. The hike is challenging, but the spectacular views of Mt. Battie from the top are worth the trek.
  • 2. Plan a trip to Islesboro
    Plan a trip to Islesboro
    Community Center – 103 Pendleton Rd, , 04848
    Islesboro is a small island that is only accessible by ferry from Lincolnville Beach. It is a popular tourist location in the summer months and for good reason. The charming community of Islesboro is a quiet escape that features beautiful scenery and is a great place for walking, running, biking, and just enjoying the quiet. There are several great seasonal shops and restaurants open during the summer months - you must try out the Dark Harbor shop!
  • 3. Hunt for seaglass
    Hunt for seaglass
    Various beaches, , 04848
    Sea glass is the name given to pieces of broken glass that have been worn down over many years and eventually come to resemble pieces of jewels. The glass can typically be found along rocky coasts which were once former dump sites. The frosted pieces of glass can be collected and turned into jewelry and other craft projects.

    Maine is a great place to look for sea glass as many of the beach sites are home to very old pieces of glass that have had years to tumble. Maine is one of the only places in which I have found large quantities of purple and blue sea glass, which are 2 of the rarest colors. It is a tranquil and enjoyable experience to search for sea glass on Maine’s rocky coast. Islesboro and Acadia National Park are 2 hotspots for avid seaglass collectors.
  • 4. Take a drive along the coast on Coastal Route 1
    Take a drive along the coast on Coastal Route 1
    Route 1, , 04843
    On beautiful Coastal Route 1, you will pass incredible diverse landscapes which includes rolling hills, water, lighthouses, quaint harbor villages, tall pine trees, and much more. It's one of the most gorgeous drives in the country!
  • 5. Enjoy a ferry ride
    Enjoy a ferry ride
    20 McKay Rd, , 04849
    A ferry ride is a great way to take in scenic views and great photographs on your way over to an island. Taking the Islesboro Ferry from Lincolnville to the island is a scenic 3 mile journey that is a trip in itself before you even get over to the gorgeous island.
  • 6. Visit the historic downtown Camden
    Visit the historic downtown Camden
    Main Street, , 04843
    Camden’s downtown offers plenty of attractions including waterfront restaurants, boutique shops, and access to the water. You can take a short walk from the downtown to the waterfront. I highly recommend stopping by Camden Deli and dining on the outdoor deck for outstanding food and views!
  • 7. Enjoy endless winter recreation
    Enjoy endless winter recreation
    Camden Snow Bowl - 20 Barnestown Rd, , 04843
    Maine offers the perfect setting for all sorts of winter activities from cross country skiing to ice skating to sledding. The serenity and picturesque scenery leads to a truly magical setting. Camden Snow Bowl is a popular winter recreation resort which features skiing, tubing, and various other winter activities.
  • 8. Book a relaxing trip at The Inn at Ocean’s Edge
    Book a relaxing trip at The Inn at Ocean’s Edge
    24 Stonecoast Rd, , 04849
    This beautiful ocean-front resort property located in Lincolnville Maine features immaculate manicured gardens, private beach access, a vanishing edge pool, and gorgeous views.
  • 9. Relax on a beach
    Relax on a beach
    Various beaches, , 04848
    Maine is home to a number of diverse beaches, from sandy summer destinations in the southern portion of the state, to rocky seaglass collecting, photography hotspots.

    Islesboro is a great destination for relaxing due to the lack of crowds (outside of the busy summer season). Beaches here are more deserted and peaceful. They are also great for beachcombing because of the old history of the area. The combination of rocky landscape and gorgeous ocean views make the beaches on this island great for snapping photographs.
  • 10. Take a nature walk
    Take a nature walk
    Various, , 04848
    Maine is a great place for appreciating the beauty of the ocean, forest, and wildlife. Taking a walk outside as opposed to a drive lets you fully absorb the magnificence of the area. One of my favorite places for strolling in Maine is along the island of Islesboro.

    Other must-see hiking destinations include Camden Hills State Park, Arcadia National Park, and Baxter State Park.