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Amazing Desserts

Every now and then, we all love indulging in a delicious dessert at the end of a great restaurant meal. Sure, we could do without the extra calories and sugar, but it's okay every once in a while to overindulge. Oftentimes, the dessert is the most exciting part of the meal, as it is quite time consuming and difficult to whip up a quality dessert at home. And store bought desserts just do not offer the same quality as fresh homemade sweets!

Whether as a special treat to celebrate a special occasion, or simply a tempting slice of cheesecake that you have been craving, we should all treat ourselves every once in a while.

Here are 10 mouthwatering restaurant desserts that will make your taste buds go crazy. If you happen to be visiting the city where any of these great desserts are available, you may just want to pay a little visit for the ultimate treat.
  • 1. Flourless Chocolate Cake at Ditka's
    Flourless Chocolate Cake at Ditka's
    1 Robinson Plaza, , 15205
    To date, I've never had a more delicious piece of cake as the rich, moist, & decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake on the dessert menu at Mike Ditka's restaurant in

    Mike Ditka, legendary coach of the Chicago Bears from 1982-1992 (including during the only ever Superbowl win in 1985), is one in a long list of athletes who have opened restaurants. Currently, there are 3 Chicagoland locations and one in Pittsburgh.

    Asides from desserts, Ditka's offers a diverse menu, outstanding service, and a classy dining room. Ditka's offers the perfect ambiance for celebrating a special occasion. And what better way to celebrate than letting yourself indulge in a rich chocolatey dessert?!

    Ditka's Flourless Chocolate cake offers the perfect taste & texture for this popular, yet difficult to make correctly cake: not too sweet, not too fudgy. It's rich enough to split amongst 2, yet at the same time, so delicious that you will want it all to yourself!
  • 2. Sundaes on Saturday Dessert Buffet at The Bristol Lounge
    Sundaes on Saturday Dessert Buffet at The Bristol Lounge
    200 Boylston St, , 02116
    Sundaes on Saturday is an amazing all dessert buffet held every Saturday night from 9pm-Midnight in The Bristol Lounge at Boston's ritzy Four Seasons hotel. For just $18, you are treated to a wide assortment of chef created desserts. Try some liquid nitrogen ice cream or fresh made-to-order crepes! You'll also find a tempting assortment of mini treats including chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake pops, mini cakes, macaroons, and so much more.

    The setting is elegant and refined, creating the perfect ambiance for date night in a beautiful city. Because the Four Season is located within walking distance of many of Boston's finest restaurants and attractions, you can make a whole night out of it. Stop by Sundaes on Saturday following a fantastic Italian dinner, a Broadway play, or even something as simple as a stroll around Boston Common.
  • 3. Cappuccino Cheesecake at Don Vito's
    Cappuccino Cheesecake at Don Vito's
    9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, , 89183
    Don Vito's is a classy old style Italian restaurant located inside the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Don't let the off The Strip location keep you from visiting this local gem -Don Vito's is one of the best Italian restaurants in all of Vegas!

    The service here is wonderful, the ambiance is perfectly relaxed and elegant (much less crowded than the noisy Strip restaurants), and the food simply amazing.

    Although the main pasta courses are outstanding, the real highlight of the menu is the wonderful Cappuccino Cheesecake. This extraordinary espresso flavored cheesecake is one of the best desserts you will ever try in a Vegas restaurant. Creamy and rich in texture and taste, this cheesecake is definitely shareable amongst 2.

    So next time you are in Vegas, take a much needed break from The Strip for a spectacular elegant Italian dinner, followed by a totally scrumptious piece of cheesecake at Don Vito's!
  • 4. Cookie Dough Ice Cream on a homemade waffle cone at The Ice Cream Barn
    Cookie Dough Ice Cream on a homemade waffle cone at The Ice Cream Barn
    289 Locust Street, , 02777
    The Ice Cream Barn in Swansea, MA serves the best ice cream anywhere in the area, possibly even in the entire state! A variety of tempting flavors are available including the must-try cookie dough. As soon as you step through the door, you can smell the fresh waffle cones being baked. Everything here is so fresh and delicious.

    Nothing says summer quite like good homemade ice cream. The ice cream at The Barn is creamy & delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness. Everything is totally fresh as they make their ice cream using the milk from Baker Farm, a family-owned barn on which the ice cream shop resides. Many of the ingredients including fresh fruits and honey are purchased locally.

    Besides the must-try cookie dough, other great flavors include Mint Chip, Chocolate Brownie Oreo, and Apple Crisp. For those watching their caloric intake, sugar free and frozen yogurt are also available.

    For old-fashioned ice cream made directly from an on-site farm, check out The Barn: a wonderful option for those who would like to skip the chains in favor of something more local and delicious. They have a great little outdoor seating area where you can gaze out into the serene new England countryside.

    Best part of all, the ice cream is totally affordable with a monstrous large only setting
    you back a couple of bucks.

    There's nothing better on a warm Massachusetts summer night than taking a drive out to the beautiful countryside to enjoy fantastic fresh, homemade ice cream in a beautiful natural setting. It's a must do on any summertime visit to Southeast Massachusetts and even worth the 1 hour drive from Boston!
  • 5. Vegan Ice Cream Bar at Sweet Ritual
    Vegan Ice Cream Bar at Sweet Ritual
    4631 Airport Blvd #125, , 78751
    Sweet Ritual is an amazing dairy-free ice cream parlor offering 16 diverse flavors, as well as sundaes, shakes, and banana splits. An almond, cashew, or coconut base is used, depending upon the flavor you choose. All ice cream flavors are egg free and the majority are also gluten-free. A variety of tempting toppings are available for the ultimate make your own sundae bar.

    Some great choices include Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup, and Cubano Coffee. The creamy, rich texture will satisfy almost anyone. In a vegan mecca like Austin, Sweet Ritual really is not a surprise. However, for any vegans traveling from other parts of the country and used to the standard dairy loaded chain offerings, Sweet Ritual will be a real treat.
    However, do not think for a minute that this dairy-free ice cream is just for vegans! Anyone will appreciate the decadent, creamy dairy-free ice cream bases and diverse variety of flavors and toppings.

    As another plus, Sweet Ritual has a cute little outdoor seating area so you can enjoy your treats outside on a nice summer day. A visit to Sweet Ritual is the ultimate cool down on a hot, humid summer night in Austin!
  • 6. Chef's Dessert Sampler at Cucina Rustica
    Chef's Dessert Sampler at Cucina Rustica
    7000 AZ-179 #126A, , 86351
    Sedona, Arizona is most famous for breathtaking red rock scenery, an abundance of hiking trails, and the scenic Oak Creek Canyon drive. Because of this, most of the restaurants in this area tend to be casual quick service style cafes where most of the diners will be coming in right from their trail/outdoor activities.

    Cucina Rustica is one of the few exceptions, being that it is a gorgeous, local Italian restaurant with a beautiful dining room, classy service, and a great (although a bit pricey) menu.

    If you are still hungry after your plate of delicious homemade pasta (you must try the Fettucine Primavera Al Pesto), why not treat yourself to a dessert? I highly recommend the Chef's Dessert Sampler, a collection of 3 of Cucina's best treats: Tiramisu, Cannoli, and Chocolate Torte .

    For those picky eaters who cant just decide on one thing, the sampler plate really is a great option. Be aware: these desserts are easily filling enough to serve 2-3, especially after a carb rich meal!
  • 7. Raw Cheesecake at Wildflour Bakery
    Raw Cheesecake at Wildflour Bakery
    727 East Avenue, , 02860
    It's rare to find a vegan bakery, let alone a fantastic one. Wildflour, located in a small suburb just minutes outside of Providence, is one of these great places. It's the perfect place to pick up a quick dairy-free treat after a long day out in the city.

    Although Wildflour is known for their massive selection of vegan friendly treats, they also carry a wide selection of gluten-free specialties. Everything here is pretty delicious, especially the raw cheesecake.

    Although it may sound a bit strange to anyone who has never tried a raw bakery
    treat, the cheesecake is nothing short of spectacular. Plus, it's healthier than the dairy, sugar loaded counterpart, so you can indulge guilt free. If you are up for something new, it sure is worthy of a try!

    The texture and taste vary greatly from traditional cheesecake, however, as a healthy & creative take on the popular desert, it's pretty darn good. After one taste, you will surely be back for more! For those with more of a sweet tooth, the chocolate brownies are also fabulous!
  • 8. Fudge Chocolate Cake at The Eiffel Tower Restaurant
    Fudge Chocolate Cake at The Eiffel Tower Restaurant
    3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, , 89109
    The dining room of the grand Eiffel Tower Restaurant offers some of the most spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip. Located on the 33rd floor of the Paris Resort, the views really are extraordinary. As you feast on wonderful French cuisine, you will be treated to a front row seat for the spectacular Bellagio Fountain Show.

    Nighttime, the views of The Strip are just stunning, creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening out or celebratory dinner. There really is no better way to celebrate a special night out in Vegas.

    To really make the evening extra special (and linger with the fabulous views a bit longer), order a tasty espresso and handcrafted dessert. Although the entire dessert menu is tempting, the Fudge Chocolate Cake is extra spectacular! This rich treat is perfect to share with your date: a sweet ending to a wonderful Las Vegas restaurant experience!
  • 9. Coconut Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream at FOMU
    Coconut Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream at FOMU
    481 Cambridge St, , 02134
    This fantastic, dairy-free, made-from-scratch ice cream parlor serves the most delicious coconut based ice cream. If you have never tasted coconut ice cream, you are really missing out as it is so much creamier in texture than traditional dairy!

    FOMU is really a great place to enjoy a healthier local treat as they are dedicated to using non-GMO, local sources for their ice cream and they always produce in small batches to ensure the freshest quality. They work with many local companies to ensure that they are using the freshest possible ingredients.

    They churn their ice cream using little air, so it has a thick gelato like consistency. The most decadent choice by far is the rich Chocolate Brownie mixed with real brownie pieces which are baked right on-site. It's the ultimate treat for any chocolate lovers out there! Other must try flavors include the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Bourbon Maple Walnut, and Sweet Lavender.

    In addition to ice cream, FOMU also offers fresh baked goods, coffee & teas, and the ultimate indulgence: ice cream cakes!

    And, if you like the ice cream enough, you can buy a pint to take home with you (or 2) as the first isn't going to last very long!
  • 10. Ultimate Brownie at Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen
    Ultimate Brownie at Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen
    1855 W. Highway 89A, , 86336
    Picazzo's is a unique 100% gluten and GMO free regional Italian chain with several locations throughout Phoenix and Northern Arizona. For the health conscious diner, as
    well as those with food sensitivities, dining here really is a dream come true. It's so rare to find an Italian restaurant offering such a diverse range of gluten-free and vegan options.

    While some restaurants simply offer gluten-free pasta, Picazzo's goes above and beyond by offering such a diverse range of specialties including lasagna, pizza, mac and cheese, ravioli, fresh bread, appetizers, and so much more.

    The biggest surprise on the menu is the extensive list of desserts. Never before have I seen a gluten-free tiramisu or apple crisp on any restaurant menu. For an exceptional chocolate treat, go ahead and order the Ultimate Brownie, a delicious, most & chewy brownie served with your choice of organic or dairy-free coconut ice cream, and topped with organic chocolate, raspberry, or salted caramel sauce. For a sweet treat like no other, you must try this decadent brownie, whether or not you are following any special diet!

    Out of all the locations, the Sedona restaurant offers the best service and setting. Dine on the pretty outdoor patio, featuring an outdoor firepit, covered tables, and even a bit of a red rock view!