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Beautiful Beaches of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Although the thought of sunny beaches does not immediately spring to mind when thinking of the cold and dreary climate of New England, the area is surprisingly home to a number of fantastic beaches, including a handful of fantastic options in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

During the summer months, the weather is perfect for long, relaxing beach days spent enjoying the warm temperatures. However, fall and winter visits are not completely off limits. The overcast skies lead to gorgeous photographic opportunities.

In addition, you will find a dramatic drop in crowds and no parking fees. Seaglass hunting, photography, and quiet strolls will keep you busy throughout the cold season.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit, the beaches of Massachusetts and Rhode Island will provide you will a relaxing, picture-perfect setting.
  • 1. Scarborough State Beach
    Scarborough State Beach
    970 Ocean Road Narragansett, , 02882
    Scarborough State Beach, located in gorgeous Narragansett, Rhode Island, is a fantastic winter beach option. Although this beach tends to get pretty crowded during the summer months, winter is another story.

    Not only are crowds nonexistent, you will also benefit by bypassing the pricey $20+ parking fees. Stop by this winter season for a relaxing stroll. The beach is long and wide, the sand is smooth and clean, and the views are breathtaking!
  • 2. Scusset Beach State Reservation
    Scusset Beach State Reservation
    20 Scusset Beach Road, , 02562
    Scusset Beach is located at the east end of the Cape Cod Canal, making it a popular place to watch the boats pass by the canal. The beach is clean, sandy, and well-maintained.

    It's a great spot to collect seaglass and seashells, especially after a strong storm. Due to the absence of large rocks, it's a great place to take a nice long barefoot stroll.

    In addition to the beach, be sure to check out the Cape Cod Canal bike path, a wonderful paved 8 mile trail along the canal.
  • 3. Second Beach
    Second Beach
    474 Sachuest Point Road, , 02842
    Sachuest Town Beach, also referred to as Second Beach, is one of your best bets for a summer beach day in Rhode Island. Summer offers a perfect setting: warm but not hot daytime air temperatures, warm water, light waves, and smooth sand.

    Located in Middletown (near the famous Newport Mansions), Second Beach is the perfect addition to a day out in Newport. This 1 mile plus long beach is great for relaxing strolls anytime of year. The picturesque setting makes it a top spot for photography.
  • 4. Great Island Beach
    Great Island Beach
    Griffin Island Road, , 02667
    This beautiful Cape Cod beach is only accessible by taking a hike along the Great Island Trail. Although the full trail is absolutely stunning and worth the trek, a shortcut will take you directly to the beach.

    This unspoiled gem of a beach is never crowded, offers stunning secluded views, features smooth untouched sand, and is spotlessly clean, making it one of the most beautiful places in Cape Cod, if not all of Massachusetts!
  • 5. Easton's Beach
    Easton's Beach
    175 Memorial Boulevard, , 02840
    First Beach is located closest to the Newport Mansions, making it a popular option for summer tourists. It is located right next to Cliffwalk, a 3 mile oceanfront walk and Rhode Island's best attraction.

    Easton is a small, convenient beach that is located nearby many of Newport's top attractions, and therefore, easily incorporated into any trip itinerary.
  • 6. Goosebury Beach
    Goosebury Beach
    123 Ocean Ave, , 02840
    This hidden gem is located on Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island. The beach is small, scenic, and usually pretty quiet. Many tourists are unaware that this beach is open to the public.

    The sand is smooth and clean. A great natural find, teeming with wildlife, this beach is a great choice for birdwatchers and photographers.

    Wintertime is a perfect time to visit as you will have the entire beach to yourself. As an added bonus, a winter visit will enable you to bypass the hefty $20 parking fee.
  • 7. Little Harbor Beach
    Little Harbor Beach
    Little Harbor Road, , 02571
    Little Harbor is a little gem in the town of Wareham, just a short drive from Cape Cod. The beach is absolutely gorgeous, surprisingly, even more so during the winter months. During the cold, dark winters of New England, the the beach becomes a winter paradise with icy landscapes, plenty of wildlife, and complete solitude.
  • 8. Horseneck Beach
    Horseneck Beach
    5 John Reed Road, , 02791
    Horseneck is a summer favorite amongst residents of Bristol and Plymouth counties due to the large waves and expansive space available at this Buzzard's Bay Beach. Temps at the beach are cooler than the inland cities, making it a great summer escape on hot, humid days.

    This Southeast Massachusetts beach is great for summer sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing and other beach sports - if you don't mind hefty crowds.
  • 9. Macaroni Beach
    Macaroni Beach
    Route 6, , 02667
    Macaroni Beach is one of Cape Cod's great treasures. It's prime advantage is being located nearby the fantastic Cape Cod Rail Trail, a 22 mile paved multi purpose trail running through several Massachusetts towns. What a treat to visit this gorgeous beach after a long day of exercise!

    An unbelievably picturesque beach with large sand dunes, this beach is Cape Cod at its' finest. Everything is perfect here from the lack of crowds to the soft, smooth sand to the great waves! Visitors after Labor Day will be treated to even less crowds and free parking!

    Overall Macaroni is just a great place to enjoy a summer day whether it be reading, seal watching, or taking photography!
  • 10. Teddy's Beach
    Teddy's Beach
    Park Avenue, , 02871
    Teddy's Beach is a small beach in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with no facilities or lifeguards. Although it is not the place for summer swimming or sunbathing, it is an ideal place to hunt for Seaglass. After a storm, take a stroll around - you will be amazed at how many beautiful pieces of old tumbled glass you will find.