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Walt Disney World Theme Park Rides

The Magic Kingdom is a theme park for all ages. In addition to great classic Disney rides, you get to experience breathtaking shows, interact with your favorite Disney characters, and enjoy live music and entertainment. The Magic Kingdom truly is a magical experience with rides, shows, and entertainment for everyone, whether you are 9 or 99!
  • 1. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    Hollywood Studios - 351 S Studio Drive, , 32830
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios is one of the best rides in all the Disney parks, as long as you can handle unexpected steep drops! Awesome special effects and terrifying big drops make the Tower of Terror a second go around!
  • 2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Magic Kingdom - 1180 7 Seas Drive, , 32830
    Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most well-known rides in all of the Magic Kingdom. This hit ride which inspired the Johnny Depp series is entertaining and realistic enough to make you feel like you have actually escaped into the movies! It's hard not to feel as if you are a pirate searching for a hidden treasure during this ride!
  • 3. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
    Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
    Magic Kingdom - 1320 Avenue of the Stars, , 32830
    Get ready for a good ole' time at this comedy show featuring all your favorite characters from Monsters Inc. A fun time featuring lots of guest interaction & cool special effects, this one is not to be missed!
  • 4. Expedition Everest
    Expedition Everest
    Animal Kingdom - 551 N Rainforest Rd, , 32830
    Expedition Everest is definitely the best attraction at Animal Kingdom, as well as one of the most exciting coasters at Disney. The twists & turns, beautiful mountain themed design, and crazy special effects make it well worth the long wait!
  • 5. Aerosmith Rock n’ Roller coaster
    Aerosmith Rock n’ Roller coaster
    Hollywood Studios - 351 South Studio Drive, , 32830
    Who can resist this fun & fast Disney coaster featuring the music of Aerosmith? The ride sets off completely in the dark, taking you through a series of inversions and loops, as you travel through the streets of L.A at 60mph.
  • 6. Buzz Lighyear's Space Ranger Spin
    Buzz Lighyear's Space Ranger Spin
    Magic Kingdom - 1320 Avenue of the Stars, , 32830
    If you love the Toy Story movie series, then you are going to love this fun interactive ride in Tomorrowland. Fun for both kids and adults, this movie themed ride involves laser shooting targets. Everyone in your party will have a blast in a colorful galactic space battle.
  • 7. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Magic Kingdom - 1180 7 Seas Drive, , 32830
    This fun, classic Magic Kingdom rollercoaster features a great mountain theme, lots of bumpy twists & turns, not to mention fabulous overviews of the park!
  • 8. The Haunted Mansion
    The Haunted Mansion
    Magic Kingdom - 1180 7 Seas Drive, , 32830
    Fun special effects and an amazing set design featuring lifelike ghosts are the highlights of this spooky haunted house themed ride. For the special effects alone, this attraction is most worthy of the wait at Magic Kingdom. If any ride is worth waiting for twice, it's definitely the Haunted Mansion. Do not miss this one around Halloween!
  • 9. Spaceship Earth
    Spaceship Earth
    Epcot - 1320 Avenue of the Stars, , 32830
    This iconic ride at Disney takes you on a trek inside the signature Epcot dome. Great ride for those interested in space with cool interactive features at the end.
  • 10. Kail River Rapids
    Kail River Rapids
    Animal Kingdom - 551 N Rainforest Road, , 32830
    This fun rafting ride in the Animal Kingdom park has enough room for your whole party to experience the ride together! The 20 foot drop is the best part of the ride. Be prepared to get drenched as you twist, turn, & drop down a series of raging rapids!