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Castle Ranch Steakhouse

3300 Vista Avenue
Boise, ID 83705
(208) 914-3952
Five Stars
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Castle Ranch Steakhouse is located inside The Boise Hotel and Conference Center. On our trip to Boise, Idaho, Mike and I stayed in this hotel and were pleased to conveniently have a restaurant on-site to dine at as opposed to searching our GPS for somewhere random to eat.


We decided to get the breakfast special which consisted of eggs, toast, and potatoes for only $3.99. Not a bad deal and much better than a continental hotel breakfast. I would rather pay a few dollars for hot food then have a few muffins and orange juice at a free breakfast.

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We had a little mix up with our waitress on what was included in the breakfast special. The $3.99 breakfast special was advertised to include orange juice too, so we were surprised when we got charged for orange juice.

I guess the restaurant mistakenly put orange juice in the ad. The manager apologized to us and revised the ad on the website to just include the eggs, toast, and potatoes - still a good special. Other than the minor mix up, our waitress was good.


The dining room wasn't too bad. The tables were spaced out far enough to give you a more private atmosphere. The tables had a nice place setting and the decor on the walls was appealing.

Final Remarks

The Castle Ranch Steakhouse is a good option if you are already staying at The Boise Hotel and Conference Center. I don't recommend going out of your way to dine here, but if you are already a guest, then it is a convenient, affordable, and satisfying breakfast option.

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