Restaurant Reivew

Dark Harbor Shop

515 Pendleton Point Road
Islesboro, ME 04848
(207) 734-8878
Five Stars
Main Photo

The Dark Harbor is a summer only restaurant located on Islesboro, a beautiful island off the coast of Maine that is a popular summer getaway destination. The shop sells sandwiches, ice cream, snacks, and more. This is one of the few places to eat on the island, and fortunately, the food is fantastic!


The vegetable sandwich which I ordered was great. You must also try a milkshake! The root beer floats are to die for as well. They are very popular amongst island residents.


I did not experience any problems as the waitress was friendly and brought everything over in a timely manner.


They have a nice patio outside which is great for relaxing during the summer months. Sitting inside is great for browsing through local newspaper and magazines. According to long time island residents, this shop is a great spot for meeting celebrities that live on the island as they frequently stop in.

Final Remarks

I recommend eating at the Dark Habor shop if you take a summer trip to Islesboro. There is a great souvenir shop located inside the restaurant that I recommend browsing around after your lunch.

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