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JoZoara Coffee Shop

536 N. Thompson Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37192
(615) 962-7175
Five Stars
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JoZoara Coffee Shop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is one of the friendliest, coziest, laid back coffee shops I have ever visited. I will keep coming back here for the cozy ambiance, great drinks, and friendly service.


The coffee and food are both good. I had a pumpkin muffin and organic oatmeal and they were both absolutely delicious. The French roast coffee was amazing! I love how they serve all their drinks in unique mugs. You will get a different random mug depending on the size of your drink.

They have a variety of different pastries available including muffins, bagels, and light sandwiches. They also have a variety of teas available. So if you are not a coffee drinks there are still other options for you.



I have never experienced friendlier service in any coffee shop or restaurant. The baristas will even bring your drink out to where you are sitting. They are able to answer any of your questions and help with any menu suggestions.


The main reason to come to this coffee shop is for the inviting casual atmosphere. This is the type of coffee shop that you can relax at or get work done for hours in a comfortable setting.

There are plenty of couches and pillows and blankets. There are books, board games, and more. The decor and music are nice and the atmosphere is so much better than sitting at a boring, stiff Starbucks. I would never go to a chain coffee shop again after visiting a place like JoZoara!

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Final Remarks

The coffee is amazing. The service is top notch. And the atmosphere is truly relaxing. JoZoara is a must if you are visiting the area. You will be hooked after going here once. During my visit to this area I went four times. I have never been in a better coffee shop and unfortunately, I probably will never find one to match my experience at JoZoara.

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