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Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

180 Beasley Drive
Dickson, TN 37055
(615) 740-8701
Five Stars
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Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant is a local Mexican restaurant in the town of Dickson, Tennesee. My boyfriend and I were in the area and found this Mexican restaurant browsing through our GPS for Mexican options in the area.


The vegetarian fajitas that I ordered were good although a bit high priced at $9.25 for a small local restaurant. My boyfriend liked his chicken burrito (priced at $6.25 - he added $1.00 for rice and beans). The unlimited chips and salsa were very good.


Service was really good at this restaurant. Our waiter was friendly and provided fast service, even though we were sitting outside. He explained everything really well on the menu and kept checking up on us throughout the whole meal.


There is an indoor dining area and an outside patio. Unfortunately, we mistakenly chose to sit on the patio where everyone was smoking! I am not used to people still smoking in restaurants and this was a shock to me. Having smoke blown in my face really made me lose my appetite!

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Final Remarks

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant is a good option for authentic Mexican food in the Dickson area. There weren't many other options in the area, so this is likely your best bet for a decent Mexican meal. I recommend sitting inside if smoke bothers you.

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