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Hard Rock Cafe - Denver

500 16th Street Mall
Denver, CO 80202
Five Stars
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The Hard Rock Cafe in Denver is located in the 16th Street Mall, which is a fantastic section of Downtown Denver that is home to restaurants, bars, and shopping. I really liked the location of this Hard Rock because you could easily go to the bar before or after.


Food was good as always. I particularly liked this location because they were more accommodating to dietary restrictions. Sometimes, when I ask for items without bacon at other Hard Rock locations they make a big fuss about it - not at the Denver location.

The twisted macaroni and cheese is a slightly spiced version of the traditional dish - it has just the right amount of kick to it. The jumbo platter is well worth the $19 price tag - you get 5 decent sized servings of appetizers (spring rolls, potato skins, chicken wings, onion rings, and chicken tenders). Menu


The waitress here was very nice. She took care of all my special requests and substitutions without giving me a hard time. I have been told at other locations that yo cannot make any changes to the Jumbo Platter, but she put in for no bacon on the potato skins and also replaced the chicken tenders with an extra order of spring rolls. It was nice to sub items without a big hassle.


This is a fun location right in the middle of the 16th Street Mall. You don't have to go home after you eat - there are plenty of bars and stores in the area. We stopped at Coyote Ugly afterwards because I always wanted to check it out after seeing the movie (It is located within walking distance from Hard Rock).

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Final Remarks

Hard Rock Cafe is a must when visiting Denver. This location is fun, so it is not like you are going out of your way just to go to Hard Rock. You will love Hard Rock if you like great music, fun food, and looking at rock memorabilia.

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