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The Terrace Room

530 William Penn Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 553-5235
Five Stars
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Omni properties are known for their decadent weekend breakfast and brunch buffets. The Terrace Room is a gorgeous restaurant located inside the Omni William Penn hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. Staying at this gorgeous hotel is a great idea if you intend on spending time downtown, enjoying local theaters, restaurants, and attractions.

  • The Terrace Room Restaurant Preview
  • The Terrace Room Restaurant Preview
  • The Terrace Room Restaurant Preview
  • The Terrace Room Restaurant Preview


The breakfast buffet at The Terrace Room pales in comparison to buffets I have tried at other Omni properties. First off, the $22 price tag ($27 with an omelet) is quite exorbitant considering the buffet quality and quantity. This buffet is smaller than many of the others with a noticeable lack of healthier choices (for example the Omni Grove Park in Asheville offers fresh squeezed juiced drinks and chia seed pudding). For the high price tag, there just is not enough variety nor interesting choices.

That being said, if you are seeking a beautiful place for breakfast/brunch in Pittsburgh, there are not that many choices to pick amongst. Considering the surrounding diners (where your bill will be only slightly cheaper), the Omni is still a decent choice. While the scrambled eggs and pastries were bad, the potatoes, pancakes, oatmeal, bagels, oatmeals, and omelets were all decent enough. The coffee was very delicious.


Service is slow, yet friendly. Our waitress was very nice although a bit slow on drink refills and clearing plates.


The Terrace Room is a beautiful dining space featuring pretty chandeliers and attractive artwork. The setting is refined and upscale, and perfect for a date or celebratory occasion.

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Final Remarks

Although the food is sub par for an Omni property, it’s still a decent breakfast/brunch destination for Pittsburgh. The beautiful setting alone warrants a visit. And in comparison to overpriced diners in the region, the price really isn't that bad. Opt for the standard breakfast buffet (no omelet) priced at $22 (a much better value).