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940 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 586-5024
Five Stars
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This local Mexican restaurant is located in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Unfortunately, there are not that many must try restaurants in this part of the city. While the food at Bakersfield is good, the high pricing for the incredibly small portions is quite crazy. If you are willing to pay a premium price tag to eat somewhere trendy downtown, then you might want to check out Bakersfield.

  • Bakersfield Restaurant Preview
  • Bakersfield Restaurant Preview
  • Bakersfield Restaurant Preview


Tacos are priced a la carte at a hefty $4.50 a piece. Keep in mind that these are 1-2 bite tacos - the smallest I have ever seen at a restaurant. These miniature tacos should be priced at about a buck based on the size (smaller than a palm). One would probably need to eat at least 4-5 tacos, as well as a few apps or sides to leave full.

Taco flavors range from Baja Shrimp, to Papas and Chorizo, to Pollo Verde. We enjoyed the flavor of the Baja Shrimp, Huitlacoche (corn truffle with roasted poblano and cortina cheese) and the Hongos (portobello, buttermilk kale slaw, cortina cheese) although the value just wasn’t there.

The chips and salsa are great and will be needed to accompany the small tacos. A side of black beans or roasted cauliflower is also recommended.


Our waitress was friendly enough and provided attentive service.


The ambiance at Bakersfield is very nice. The building is spacious and attractively decorated. The brick walls give the space a nice historic touch. The vibe is country western with westerns playing on the TVs and country music on in the background.

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Final Remarks

Bakersfield is an okay dining choice downtown if you don’t mind paying a premium. While the food and ambiance are both great, portions are absolutely minuscule for the price.