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Tamarind Flavor of india

257 N. Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 605-0500
Five Stars
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Tamarind is one of the better Indian restaurants in the Pittsburgh metro region. They serve authentic Indian dishes at affordable prices, in an attractive historic dining space in a converted house in Oakland.

  • Tamarind Flavor of india Restaurant Preview
  • Tamarind Flavor of india Restaurant Preview
  • Tamarind Flavor of india Restaurant Preview


Unfortunately, Tamarind no longer serves a lunch buffet. This is a shame as the buffet allows you the opportunity to test out a bunch of different Indian specialities at a low price point. That being said, the food at Tamarind is tasty enough to justify the higher a la carte pricing.

Tamarind specializes in South Indian cuisine. On the menu, you will find a tempting selection of appetizers like samosa, a variety of dosa, an assortment of breads, tandoori entrees, and various seafood, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian entrees.

We tried out the Paneer Tikka Masala, Aloo Gobi Masala, and the Garlic Naan bread. The bread was so delicious and the vegetarian entrees were savory and bursting with flavor without being too spicy. Note you can customize each dish to your price preference.

Most entrees are priced $10-15, which is quite affordable in comparison to other Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh. This allows you to split a few choices amongst your party so you do not have to stick to just one dish! As Indian food is so delicious, I like to sample at least 2-3 items at any meal!

Don't leave without trying Kheer (rice pudding) or Kulfi (Indian ice cream - mango, almond, or pistachio available) for dessert!


Service at Tamarind is friendly, although definitely a bit on the slow side. Don't come here if you are looking to rush through a quick lunch.


The ambiance is very quaint being located in an old converted house, a nice refreshing change from the typical Strip mall Indian restaurants. The wood floors and simple artwork create a pleasing setting for a quiet lunch. The tranquil vibe makes Tamarind a great place for a date.

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Final Remarks

If you are seeking a great lunch destination near Oakland, definitely give Tamarind a try. The food is delicious, more affordable than other Indian restaurants in the region, and the location perfect for exploring nearby coffee houses or attractions like Schenley Park and The Carnegie museums.