Restaurant Reivew

Monterey Pub

1227 Monterey Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 322-6535
Five Stars
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Monterey, located in the historic Mexican War Streets neighborhood, is the most authentic Irish pub you will find in the Pittsburgh metro. The interior is cozy, the food and beer great, and the historic location an extra bonus.

  • Monterey Pub Restaurant Preview
  • Monterey Pub Restaurant Preview
  • Monterey Pub Restaurant Preview
  • Monterey Pub Restaurant Preview


The menu is diverse and includes lots of choices for everyone, whether you are craving traditional Irish fare, a vegetarian health conscious entree, or tasty fried snacks.

Do start with the onion rings as an appetizer - they are delicious. Other tempting choices include cheddar garlic buttermilk biscuits and pub cheese and pretzels.

We ordered the Spicy Garden Pita (featuring spicy tomato hummus, portobello mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions) and the Fish and Chips. Both were delicious and affordably priced. You get to choose one side with your meal. Roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, or chips are the options. Definitely go with the Chips (curly fries) - not only are they tasty, but the serving size is huge!


Service is great and the food comes out timely. Our waiter was nice enough to serve our Guiness in a glass as opposed to plastic cup as requested (we were informed that they have problems with guests stealing the glasses).


It is very dark and cozy inside Monterey with vintage wood booths. A beautiful old bar, a neighborhood feel, and a great location in a historic neighborhood definitely make it the best old-school Irish pub in the region.

Final Remarks

Give Monterey Irish Pub a chance if you are seeking good Irish food and drink. You really can't beat the neighborhood and location. Whether you are looking for a great place to party after the annual St. Patrick's Day parade, or simply looking to kick back and enjoy a few Guinness and pub appetizers, Monterey has you covered.