Restaurant Reivew

Hello Bistro

3605 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 687-8787
Five Stars
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For a fresh, topping loaded salad, there is no better local establishment in the Pittsburgh metro than Hello Bistro. Offering one of the only salad bars in the area, it's a must visit if you love salads, fresh veggies, or simply need a vegetarian or gluten-free friendly meal. In an area with so many unhealthy restaurants, Hello Bistro comes in as a health conscious treat.

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The most popular option at Hello Bisto is the build-your-own salad bar where you can customize amongst dozens of veggies, cheese, crunchies, and protein. Also there are over 10 dressings to choose amongst so you can try something new each visit. With over 50 toppings, a salad here is never boring.

A new addition is the ability to build-your-own burger or grilled cheese, a better option during the cold winter months than a cold raw salad. Rounding out the menu are a number of pre made salads, burgers, grain bowls, and several sides including Chicken noodle soup and fries.

While the salad we tried was delicious, the fries were a bit on the soggy side. As I like fries hot and crispy, I would definitely skip out the next time and order the soup instead.


Service is great. The staff let you take your time deciding which toppings to add to your salad.


The vibe is modern and the space appears clean, however, it's a bit boring with limited decor. The Oakland location particularly is a bit dark and depressing. That being said, the salads are quite delicious and the variety of toppings fantastic.

Final Remarks

Hello Bistro offers numerous locations throughout Pittsburgh. Thus, it's always easy to incorporate a healthy salad into your daily lunch plans. While the ambiance is a bit lacking, it's really the only place in the Pittsburgh metro where you can enjoy a huge salad with all the trimmings. With cafes in Oakland, downtown, and McCandless Crossing, it's easy to eat healthy even when on the go!