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227 Summit Park Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
(412) 489-6338
Five Stars
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Choolaah is a wonderful fast casual Indian restaurant with locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. As Pittsburgh lacks many decent Indian restaurants (and sadly no lunch buffets!), Choolaah is your best bet. The delicious food, clean ambiance, great service, plus allergy friendly menu, definitely sets it above the rest.

  • Choolaah Restaurant Preview
  • Choolaah Restaurant Preview


At Choolaah, you will conveniently get to customize your own bowl. Pick your rice, protein of choice, and sauce. Protein choices include: tofu, paneer cheese, lamb, chicken, salmon, roasted veggies, or veggie croquettes. Sauce options include tikka masala, chickpea masala, black or yellow lentil daal. White or brown basmati rice or supergreens are the base choices. You can also mix and match either of the 3.

I always order the Perfect Balance Bowl with white basmati rice, tikka masala sauce, roasted veggies, and either veggie croquettes or paneer. The bowl is so delicious although the sauce portion is a bit too skimpy. Although I always ask for extra, the sauce is barely enough to cover the rice. The veggie mix is tasty and includes sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and zucchini so very high in fiber and filling. Do order a side of delicious Naan bread to accompany your meal.

Wraps are also available along with a number of appetizers include Samosa Chaat and Samosa. Mango Lassi and Hot and Chilled Chai tea also are available for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Conveniently, the menu is marked with vegetarian and vegan friendly items, thus making dining with a special food allergy quite easy.


The staff is always very nice. At Choolaah, you order at the counter, pick up your food, and buss your own table. The little service provided is always friendly. Staff will have no problem answering any questions if this is your first time visiting.


The vibe is very clean and modern, although a bit too bland. There is not much in the way of the decor and the seating is quite uncomfortable. Wile the food is great, you do not get the nice ambiance and restaurant experience you typically get at a nice Indian restaurant. Choolaah is a great choice for anyone seeking healthy, delicious, and quick Indian food.

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Final Remarks

Choolaah is a great stop for quick and tasty Indian fare. Although you are sacrificing the full service and unique ambiance of a traditional Indian dining experience, the dedication to healthy ingredients and many vegetarian options make it a great choice for healthy Indian food in the 'Burgh. With 2 convenient locations, it's easy to incorporate lunch at Choolaah into your plans.