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430 Beaver Street
Sewickley, PA 15143
(412) 740-7064
Five Stars
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Mediterra is hands down the best place to go in the Pittsburgh metro for delicious homemade pastries and treats. Everything is made fresh in-house including artisan breads and an amazing assortment of pastries. Also, they serve some of the best breakfast dishes in the city with plenty of healthier options for the health conscious. The setting is beautiful and the service always great.

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  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview
  • Mediterra Restaurant Preview


Mediterra is a wonderful place to visit for breakfast, whether you are seeking a quality cup of coffee, a delicious pastry, or a savory breakfast entree. Pastry options include cinnamon rolls, Danish, chocolate croissants, and much more. Seasonal treats vary throughout the year. They also offer a number of mini desserts, with everything from cheesecake, to Zebra cakes, to mousse available.

The breakfast options include a number of tempting offerings, both savory and sweet including Quiche of the Day, Shakshuka, Gluten-free oat waffles, Four Grain Porridge, and a number of specialty choices. The winner here is the Shakshuka, a delicious Middle Eastern specialty consisting of braised eggs in a spicy tomato based sauce.

The coffee here is also wonderful and they are one of the few cafes/coffeehouses to offer a free refill! Specialty drink options include the standards like mocha, match and chai latte, etc and they also offer special selections throughout the year. Recent treats have included a Lucky Charms latte for St. Patrick's Day and a Peppermint Mocha for the holiday seasons.

They offer an excellent frequent visitor rewards program where you will receive 10 bucks off after spending a certain amount.

And do not leave without picking up a loaf of fresh bread - it is the best in the city. Try the Red Fife or Sourdough.


Service is always great at Mediterra despite the often extremely busy setting. On busy weekends, drinks and food can take a while but the staff always maintains their cool. It's best to visit on a weekday to bypass the crowds. Note that computers are not allowed at the Sewickley location, Friday-Sunday, due to the traffic levels.


The space is classy and well decorated. Although the vibe is elegant and modern, the dining area still feels inviting and cozy. Mediterra is one of your best bets for a modern coffee/breakfast date destination in the city. The Sewickley cafe offers the most romantic setting, while the Mt. Lebanon cafe is always bustling, so much so that it is often hard to find a seat! Also, a new cafe recently opened in Lawrenceville in spring of 2023.

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Final Remarks

For great coffee, pastries, bread, and breakfast, there is no better choice in the Pittsburgh metro than Mediterra. Whether you are craving a savory quiche, an Americano and a fruit Danish, or a specialty latte of your choice, Mediterra offers the best food and drink, as well as the best ambiance for enjoying your treats.