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Iron Born Pizza

1806 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 588-0094
Five Stars
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If you are tired of the same old, same old pizza places, give Iron Born Pizza in The Strip District a chance. They serve delicious Detroit style pizza. Detroit style pizza is a wonderful alternative for anyone craving pizza, but seeking something new and interesting.

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Detroit style pizza is tasty and hard to find in the Pittsburgh region. Iron Born is one of the few places in the Pittsburgh metro where you can enjoy this specialty pie. This rectangular shaped pizza features a thick crust that is both chewy and crispy. Instead of mozzarella, the pizza is topped with Wisconsin brick cheese which goes to the edges. Unlike traditional pizza, the sauce goes on top.

At Iron Born, you can enjoy a number of specialty pies or create your own. The appetizers are also delicious and include selections such as garlic pull apart bread, house marinated olives, and house chips served with carmelized onion dip.

Interesting pies on the menu include a Pickle Pie, Spinach Artichoke Pie, and Nashville Hot Chicken Pie. I recommend trying the Veggie Pie which includes bell peppers, red onions, and olives along with the traditional red sauce. It's delicious, healthier, and very filling. Each pie includes 6 large slices. You will not leave hungry as this type of pizza is extremely filling and satisfying!


Service is great at Iron Born. The waiters are friendly and efficient.


The decor is modern and clean, although a bit on the boring side. Not much decor or ambiance to speak of, although the restaurant appears well-maintained. Seating is a bit limited, however, it's usually easy to get seated right away due to the low traffic due to the high number of competing restaurants.

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Final Remarks

Give Iron Born pizza a try while visiting The Strip District. It's a great alternative to the many diners populating the area. Pricing is affordable, portions are large, and the food delicious and different.