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Roman's Deli

75 Haywood Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 505-1552
Five Stars
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Roman's is a popular casual deli located in bustling downtown Asheville. The local cafe has won numerous awards including being rated one of the "top 12 delis in North Carolina." A menu of scratch-made soups and sandwiches featuring fresh local ingredients makes it a great choice for anyone seeking a health conscious lunch option.

  • Roman's Deli Restaurant Preview
  • Roman's Deli Restaurant Preview


There are plenty of fresh soups and sandwich options for carnivores and vegetarians alike. Lots of fresh salads including Greek, Sesame Chicken, and Capri. Homemade soups include White Chicken Chili and Tomato Vegetable, both of which are excellent.

Sandwiches are served on toasted Annie's Bakery Bread and include a pickle and side of your choice. All the deli sides are amazing, especially the pasta salad.

One great healthy choice here is the Garden Vegetable sandwich featuring avocado, sweet onion, vine ripe tomato, green bell pepper, cucumber, sharp provolone, local lettuce, and lemon herb mayo on multigrain bread.

The range of sandwich options includes selections such as Cranberry Turkey Pesto, Tuna Salad, Club, Chicken Salad, as well as a whole lineup of specialty burgers.

Prices range from $9-15, which is not bad considering you get to choose a side.


This is a counter service restaurant, so not much in the way of service is involved. Your order will be brought to your table.


The vibe here is no-frills and casual. If you are seeking something trendy and modern, it's best to look elsewhere. This place can get busy and the seating is a bit cramped. Despite the less than spacious layout, the interior is clean and well maintained.

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Final Remarks

Roman's is the best choice downtown for anyone seeking a great sandwich and bowl of soup. If you love supporting local, family-owned businesses, definitely give Roman's a try on your visit to Asheville.