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89 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 232-7370
Five Stars
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Sonora is a trendy Mexican restaurant and bar in downtown Asheville. The ambiance is casual and upbeat. The food is delicious and affordable. And, most importantly, Sonora is located within walking distance of many popular galleries, bars, and coffeehouses.

  • Sonora Restaurant Preview
  • Sonora Restaurant Preview
  • Sonora Restaurant Preview


The menu includes all the typical standard Mexican fare including apps, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, tortas, and tostados. In keeping up with the Asheville health conscious vibe, vegetarian substitutions are available (squash and sweet potatoes).

Definitely start with the delicious Elote app and the chips and salsa served with 3 delicious dips (pico de gallo, roja, avocado and spicy mango habanero).

As far as entrees go, the Burrito Sonora (includes your choice of protein) is the winning selection here. Stuffed with rice, beans, Monterey Jack Cheese, cilantro crema, Valentina and corn salsa, cotija cheese and cilantro, you will not leave hungry. As a bonus, entrees come with a side of homemade chips and salsa, and thus it's a great value.

The a la cart taco option is the way to go for picky eaters as you can choose your protein, salsa, and tortilla (wheat or corn). Tacos are priced at $5 a piece, although you will not need more than 1 or 2.


Servers at Sonora are pleasant and attentive. This place does not get as busy as the more popular restaurants, so you will receive more attentive service. Another bonus - the food does not take long even on weekends.


The vibe here is modern and eclectic. The interior is clean and well maintained with interesting art work adorning the walls.

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Final Remarks

Sonora is a great lunch destination to check out in between exploring various sights of interest downtown. As this restaurant is a bit more laid-back than other more touristy options, you can relax a bit before heading back out into the crowds. If you are craving great Mexican cuisine, it's your best bet in the downtown region.