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Abeja's House Cafe

1550 Hendersonville Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 505-3696
Five Stars
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Abeja's is a great breakfast/brunch destination if you are seeking Latin inspired breakfast fare. This cafe stands out as one of the healthier breakfast destinations in the city as they source mostly organic and local ingredients and offer many gluten-free and vegetarian choices. Thus, Abeja's is a great choice for the health conscious, as well as anyone with specific dietary concerns.

  • Abeja's House Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Abeja's House Cafe Restaurant Preview


At Abeja's, you will find a mix of standard American breakfast favorites, plus Latin specialties. Favorites on the menu include choices such as a Mexican Omelet, Mexican Chilaquiles, and Breakfast Tacos. For those with a sweet tooth, pancakes and French Toast never disappoint. Recent special offerings have included Ginger Ricotta and Coconut Flake pancakes.

You will find several vegan options on the menu including a tofu based scramble, and a burrito stuffed with tofu or tempeh, black beans, various veggies and avocado.

The burritos are very delicious and filling, although the potato serving size is a bit skimpy. Also, the potatoes unfortunately appear to be frozen. While the burrito was good, the potatoes were mediocre at best.

Another fantastic choice here is the Huevos Rancheros. This dish is naturally gluten-free as they use corn tortilla strips instead of the typical wheat tortillas. It contains chorizo, however, it can be made vegetarian upon request. With just the right amount of spice, this dish is both savory and satisfying.


Service is decent, not overly friendly, yet adequate.


The dining room is a bit blah with little in the way of decor, however, there is a nice outdoor patio which can be enjoyed during the warmer months. Because it is located far away from downtown, Abeja's remains attractively undiscovered by tourists. If you plan your visit early on a weekend morning, you likely will have the patio to yourself.

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Final Remarks

If you are craving a hearty burrito, breakfast tacos, or Huevos Rancheros, Abeja's is the best choice in Asheville. Additionally, the diverse menu makes Abeja's a perfect choice for everyone including anyone following a special diet.