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Island Fin Poke Company

6417 E County Line Rd #101
Tampa, FL 33647
(813) 575-8002
Five Stars
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Poke is a popular dish in Native Hawaiian cuisine. A poke bowl usually consists of raw fish served with sticky rice and assorted veggies. Poke means to cut and refers to raw tuna cut into cubes.

The best poke bowl in Tampa can be found at a chain called Island Fin, located in a quiet strip plaza in the New Tampa region. This place serves the freshest poke bowls in a clean, modern setting.

  • Island Fin Poke Company Restaurant Preview
  • Island Fin Poke Company Restaurant Preview


Everything at Island Fin is totally fresh - they use no artificial ingredients or frozen products.

The process is simple. You customize your own bowl choosing your base (white or brown rice, spring mix), protein (Ahi or spicy Tuna, salmon, octopus, shrimp, spam, chicken, or tofu), and then pick your mix ins (corn, spring onion, edamame, jalapenos, pickled veggies, OG veggies) and toppings (over 10 choices are available including cucumber, seaweed, crispy garlic, pineapple, pickled ginger, wasabi peas, tempura crisps, nori, and more).

There are 5 soy based marinating sauces to pick amongst as well as 5 finishing sauces (the avocado cream is delicious).

Every bowl is always perfectly prepared and delicious. On your first visit, you will be treated to a sample of their delicious Dole Whip frozen dessert, available in vanilla or pineapple. This is a fantastic option for everyone as it is naturally vegan!

The bowls are quite pricey at $14, although the meal is healthy, fresh, and likely not something you could easily put together at home.


Service is always great here. The staff is so patient with new visitors who may have a lot of questions about the ordering process or ingredients.


The decor is simple, yet colorful and attractive with a basic, yet attractive surf style theme. The seating area is limited, however, the place never receives insane traffic due to its' quiet location.

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Final Remarks

Island Fin is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a quick, casual, delicious, affordable, and healthy lunch. Enjoy a fresh & healthy poke bowl then treat yourself to a delicious cup of Dole whip.

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