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662 150th Ave
Madeira Beach, FL 33708
(727) 308-7881
Five Stars
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This wonderful local Italian gem has 2 convenient beach locations. Whether you are spending the day at beautiful Indian Rocks or Madeira Beach, you have a great pizza waiting for you after a long day in the sun.

  • Slyce Restaurant Preview
  • Slyce Restaurant Preview
  • Slyce Restaurant Preview


Slyce serves terrific pizza plus amazing appetizers and the best Greek salad in the area. Do start with the garlic knots - they are the best in the Tampa Bay region, hands down. The Greek salad is so fresh and delicious. It's huge too - a perfect size to share amongst your party.

They offer a number of specialty pizzas, or you can customize your own. The most affordable pizza (plain old cheese) is the best option in my opinion. A few of the specialty selections include Greek, Roasted Veggie, Chicago Deep Dish, Hawaiian, and French Dip. Lots of great options here, it just depends on what you are craving. They also offer an assortment of subs and wraps.

Tuesdays-Fridays from 12-3, you can enjoy a number of affordable specials including salad and a slice, a 10 inch personal pizza, or a French Dip, Chicken Caesar or Turkey wrap with a side, all for an affordable price.

The servings here are pretty big for the price and I always find myself taking home leftovers.

Update: As of 2023, the menu has gotten pricier. The Greek salad will not cost you $17! Although overpriced, it is still delicious and worth a vacation splurge.


Service is always attentive and friendly, no matter which location you visit.


The interior of the Madeira Beach location is modern and trendy with numerous TVs and loud music always playing in the background. A big covered patio looks out upon the water and is always bustling with tourists enjoying the view and sunshine. The Indian Rocks location also offers a nice breezy covered patio with plenty of pretty greenery in easy view.

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Final Remarks

Slyce is the best place to enjoy quality pizza and a quality Greek salad near the beach. Most of the restaurants near the Gulf beaches are overpriced tourist traps. Slyce, on the other hand, actually serves great pizza and offers a fantastic ambiance to match.

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