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Hellas Restaurant & Bakery

785 Dodecanese Blvd
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
(727) 943-2400
Five Stars
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UPDATE: A worker was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis A. According to ABC Action News, the local health officials did not inform the public. Obviously, I will not be returning to this restaurant.

Tarpon Springs offers no shortage of local Greek cafes and restaurants. This is not surprising as the town claims the title of "Greek capital of the world." After a day of exploring the sponge docks district, relax with some authentic Greek cuisine at Hellas Restaurant and Bakery.

  • Hellas Restaurant & Bakery Restaurant Preview
  • Hellas Restaurant & Bakery Restaurant Preview


Hellas is super popular with tourists as it is conveniently located within the center of the sponge docks district. If you are taking an Odyssey Cruise, the restaurant is conveniently located just across the street. Not only do they offer a full menu of familiar Greek favorites, but they also are known for their massive bakery.

The menu includes a variety of appetizers, soups and salads, lunch specials, seafood and lamb, and traditional Greek specialties. All entrees are served with fresh bread, Greek potatoes, rice pilaf and the vegetable of the day.

Although the entrees are a bit pricey, the portion size is definitely adequate. The spanakopita is really delicious here, although the Greek salad is honestly average at best. The lunch specials are more appropriately priced. The Chicken Souvlaki is a great light choice.

Saganaki, Feta spread with pita bread, and tzatziki with pita are a few of the great appetizers on the lineup.

There are a lot of gluten-free choices on the menu, all of which are conveniently marked so you don't have to ask a bunch of questions.

Top off your meal with a slice of baklava cheesecake or chocolate mousse, or any of the dozens of other tempting desserts inside the
enticing display case.


Service felt a bit rushed. Everything arrived at the same time about 5 minutes after we sat down. As we were looking forward to a leisurely relaxed lunch, we would have preferred a bit slower service. It definitely feels as if they are trying to get the tourists in and out as quickly as possible.


The ambiance here is very beautiful. The dining room is very colorful and features lots of pretty murals. There is a small covered patio, although seats are usually taken up pretty fast on busy days. As this place gets so busy, you will want to arrive right at opening to avoid noisy crowds.

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Final Remarks

Hellas is a great place to enjoy authentic Greek fare in a charming setting. It's also a great place to simply enjoy a cup of coffee and a homemade Greek dessert. If you find yourself craving something delicious and local during your time in Tarpon Springs, definitely put a visit to Hellas on your itinerary.

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