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The Little Crown by Pie Society

19 Jefferson St
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 650-0050
Five Stars
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If you are looking for a tasty quick bite in-between exploring attractions in the historic district of Savannah, do stop by The Little Crown for a homemade pot pie. This cozy little shop is conveniently located in the City Market, close to all tourist attractions.

  • The Little Crown by Pie Society Restaurant Preview
  • The Little Crown by Pie Society Restaurant Preview


Little Crown offers a number of daily pies including meat lover's options like Steak and Ale, a healthy Chicken and Thyme pie, and even a vegetarian option. The pies are so savory and comforting. These are the perfect treat on a cool fall or winter's night. The veggie is amazing - packed with all sorts of healthy veggies like broccoli and carrots.

For breakfast, they serve a limited number of options include hot pasties, quiche, and a few bakery items.


This is a counter service establishment where you buss your own table, therefore, not much service is involved.


The seating area is limited although the ambiance is quite nice with the brick walls and beautiful art. As a bonus, there are numerous local shops to browse through after you eat.

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Final Remarks

Stop by Little Crown for a savory pot pie. While you are in the vicinity, there is plenty of attractions at City Market including local art galleries, the famous Byrd Cookie Company, and numerous local boutique shops.