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437 S Gulfview Blvd
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
(727) 216-8085
Five Stars
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There are more than enough dining choices near Clearwater Beach. Just taking a walk along Gulfview Blvd, you will come across a number of enticing bars and eateries. The majority of these are always packed with tourists. Salty's is a popular choice thanks in part to their scenic deck, live music lineup, and fun menu of seafood, appetizers, and comfort foods.

  • Salty's Restaurant Preview
  • Salty's Restaurant Preview


Salty's is a good choice for anyone on vacation seeking a fun cheat day restaurant. There really are not many healthy choices on the menu, however, there are plenty of tempting fried foods.

If you love seafood, you have numerous options here including an oyster sampler plate from the Baked Oyster bar, Grouper or shrimp tacos, Grouper or Crab cake sandwiches, as well as over a dozen seafood based entrees. Fish and Chips, Grilled Grouper, Shrimp 4 Way, Shrimp Scampi, and Bairdi Snow Crab are a few of the highlights.

The Fried Avocado tacos are a delicious choice for any vegetarians in your party. Each taco plate comes with a side so it is a pretty filling dish. As for appetizers, the Island nachos really cannot be beat. Try them with chicken or steak for extra protein.

For dessert, you will want to save room for a slice of Key Lime pie. Don't leave Florida without trying the state pie!


Service is decent enough. The food can take a while on busy weekend afternoons so be prepared to wait. Enjoy a festive drink in the warm tropical air while you wait for your food.


The ambiance sets this restaurant apart from others in the vicinity. The seating is outside on a covered patio, so it is breezy and open to people watching. Upstairs, you can enjoy a nice view of the Gulf. There is always live music, so the atmosphere is continuously upbeat.

Final Remarks

Overall, Salty's is one of the better dining choices amongst a sea of options near Clearwater Beach. Anyone seeking great seafood, tasty appetizers, fun drinks, and an upbeat vibe close to the beach will want to check out Salty's.

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