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Mekenita Cantina

6707 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 232-8226
Five Stars
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Mekenita is an upscale Mexican restaurant in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. This local gem offers it all: good food, service, and ambiance. If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy a wonderful authentic Mexican meal, definitely give Mekenita a chance. Everything is made fresh in house (Even their chips and salsa) and the restaurant's menu was inspired by Oaxacan traditions.

  • Mekenita Cantina Restaurant Preview
  • Mekenita Cantina Restaurant Preview
  • Mekenita Cantina Restaurant Preview


First off, you will start off with complimentary chips and salsa. As they are both homemade, they are totally delicious. Not that you really need any additional appetizers, however, it is hard to pass up fresh guacamole.

As for the main menu, there is a bit of everything - salads, burritos, enchiladas, and tacos.

The Charred Vegetable enchiladas with Roasted Agua de Chili Mole Verde are a wonderful choice. All enchiladas come with a petite Mexican salad, Mexican rice, and your choice of beans, so really it is a great value.

Another great choice is the Citrus Grilled Chicken Burrito with Fire Roasted Poblano sauce. Each burrito is stuffed with Mexican rice, guacamole, sour cream, Mexican cheese, shredded cabbage, beans, and cilantro. The serving size is huge as you can imagine. At just 11 bucks, this is a real steal. Update: This burrito is now priced at $16.


Service is great here. Our waitress was nice enough to let us try out the sauces to test the spice level. The presentation of the food is also fantastic - everything looks as amazing as it tastes.


The ambiance here is really appealing with the eclectic theme and large bar. The colorful decorations add a nice vibe compared to the predictable chain Mexican restaurant.

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Final Remarks

Mekenita is definitely one of the better Mexican dining choices in the Tampa region. If you are seeking delicious Mexican cuisine plus a nice dining ambiance, there really is no better choice. This is the perfect place to meet up with some friends over the weekend, take a date, or simply enjoy great food in a pretty setting.

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