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NY Pizza Suprema

413 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 594-8939
Five Stars
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NYC offers no shortage of amazing pizza places. You really cannot visit the city without treating yourself to a slice (or 2) of authentic NY style pizza. For the best pizza in the Midtown region, head straight to NY Pizza Suprema. Established in 1964 by Italian immigrant Salvatore Riggio, this place is still going strong after 50+ years, and continues to receive praise from locals, tourists, and food critics alike.

On an interesting side note, Brooklyn's Slice Harvester spent 2 years testing out a slice of pizza at 363 places in NY. Pizza Suprema was the only place to receive a perfect score. Big 7 Travel rated the pizza here as the "8th best slice in the world." Additionally, celebrity Chef Curtis Stone rated it "the best pizza in America." Come try it out for yourself!

  • NY Pizza Suprema Restaurant Preview
  • NY Pizza Suprema Restaurant Preview


From 1964-1988, Sal served only plain cheese pizza by the slice. Today, you can choose amongst dozens of creative options. They serve everything here including a few decadent vegan selections. However, plain cheese is still always the best way to go!

Everything here is made totally fresh in-house. The cheeses and olive oil are both imported from Italy. The resulting pizza features just the right combination of sauce to cheese ratio. Really, you do not need all the extra toppings. As the owner once said, "We don't have to disguise our pizza with toppings!"

For those who do like a little something extra, there are so many unique choices available. From NY Sicilian, to Veggie Lovers, to Buffalo Chicken, to a Vegan Alfredo, the options are really unlimited.

Prices range from $4-7, with the plain cheese being the best value. The slices are really large, with 2 being plenty enough for even the biggest eaters. Thus, at $8-14, this is one of the best lunch deals in the city.


You will order at the counter here. On any given day, there can be a long wait. Fortunately, the food comes out rather quickly despite the crazy traffic. And even if it didn't, it's still worth the wait!


The seating area here is pretty limited, so be aware that you may be waiting for a seat on a busy day! Trust me, it's worth the wait!

Final Remarks

Definitely give NY Pizza Suprema a try while you are in the city. Given its' convenient location nearby many of Midtown's top attractions like the Empire State building and Times Square, this is an easy addition to any trip itinerary.

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