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Maple Street Biscuit Company

18 E. North Street
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 520-8724
Five Stars
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Maple Head is a popular Southern style biscuit cafe chain with numerous locations throughout the Southeast. One thing's for sure - these Southern style biscuit places have shown tourists that there is more than one way to enjoy a biscuit!

This is one of many places where you can enjoy a great biscuit in Greenville. Unfortunately, Maple Head is overshadowed by nearby Biscuit Head, which offers gravy flights and a huge self-service jam bar. While Maple Head does not offer the pizazz of Biscuit Head, it's worth a look if you are seeking additional breakfast options during your stay in Greenville.

  • Maple Street Biscuit Company Restaurant Preview
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company Restaurant Preview


Maple Street is known for their delicious scratch made biscuits. Compared to the more popular Biscuit Head, their plain biscuits are actually much better. These are the type of biscuits which are good enough to eat with no toppings. However, on the downside, they do not offer the fun bonuses like the jam bar. Also the pricing is a bit too high to justify the small servings.

The 2 gravies they do offer (shitake mushroom and sausage) receive nothing but positive reviews. Also, the jams are made in-house, which is always a bonus. Biscuits are also homemade, using only artisan flour, real butter, and natural ingredients.

There are several enticing biscuit sandwich options to choose amongst here, plus waffles and a few creative biscuit bowls. Sunshine in the Garden Bowl is definitely the best of the bunch. This savory creative dish includes 2 sunny side eggs and a biscuit, smothered in a fresh basil tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese. An extremely delicious dish, although overpriced for the tiny serving size.

Or, you can opt to go the classic route and simply order a biscuit with gravy or jam. Go the carnivorous route with the sausage gravy, or opt for veggie style with a tasty shitake mushroom based gravy. Of course, a plain biscuit with fresh homemade jam is just as tasty.

On a side note, skip the Hash Brown cake. Although it looks very tempting via the menu, the potatoes are undercooked with no flavor whatsoever. Definitely the biggest disappointment of the meal. Try the smoky mountain mac and cheese as a more flavorful alternative.

To compliment your meal, fresh squeezed orange juice and espresso drinks are available.


Service is extremely slow on busy weekend mornings. Be prepared for a wait to order, plus an even lengthier wait to get your food! Oftentimes, the line goes outside the door!


The setting at Maple Head is a bit hectic and crowded. Although there is a fairly large seating area, it gets very busy on weekends.
The setting is fresh and modern with an energetic young crowd. The vibe is very funky - be prepared to answer some weird question when you order. This is just something quirky that the staff does at this location (i.e. make up a title for your own rock band).

Be prepared to stand in a long line to order on weekends. Oftentimes, there is a wait just to get a seat. On weekdays, the pace is a bit slower and more laid-back.

Final Remarks

Maple Street is a decent breakfast choice if you will be in town for a while. While there are numerous better breakfast choices downtown, Maple Street is a decent addition to any breakfast lovers itinerary. Biscuit lovers will appreciate the numerous creative varieties of biscuit concoctions on the lineup.