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Old Europe

716 South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 775-0210
Five Stars
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Old Europe is a relatively new addition to trendy Main Street. This popular coffee/pastry shop started in Asheville in 1994, and just recently opened (spring 2019) up shop in downtown Greenville. If you are craving a tasty treat, stop by Old Europe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Old Europe Restaurant Preview
  • Old Europe Restaurant Preview
  • Old Europe Restaurant Preview


Old Europe specializes in decadent pastries. The tantalizing display case will tempt you even if you were intending on just getting a coffee. They serve just about everything here, from cheesecake, to croissants, to quiche, and even macaroons. On a side note, they offer a few vegan and gluten-free selections, for those with special dietary concerns.

The vegetable quiche, although quite pricey, is really good. As not many places in town offer a quiche, it's worth visiting if you are craving quiche. As for the pastries, the chocolate croissant is really delicious and the muffins are always fluffy and light.

Asides from pastry treats, Old Europe offers coffee and a full espresso menu. The drip coffee and American are a bit too burnt tasting in my opinion, although the mocha is made just right. Thus, I would skip the regular coffee in favor of a flavored drink.


This is a counter service cafe. Service is usually pretty fast as this place does not get nearly as busy as other coffee shops due to its' location on the quieter West end of Main Street.


Compared to the quaint downtown Asheville location, Greenville's Old Europe location is pretty bland with a noticeable lack of decor. Any sort of ambiance is completely missing. On the plus side, outside they have a few patio tables for enjoyable al fresco dining in the spring and summer months.

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Final Remarks

Old Europe is a decent stop for a decadent dessert. While the coffee is not up to par with other coffeehouses in the region, the desserts and breakfast offerings are delicious enough to warrant a visit.

Old Europe works best as a late night dessert spot. Stop by for a treat after visiting any of downtown Greenville's great local restaurants.