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Running Bear Pancake House

538 Madison Avenue
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
(406) 646-7703
Five Stars
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Running Bear Pancake House is a family restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch in the West Yellowstone. After reading good reviews, we decided to stop here for breakfast before our drive through Yellowstone National Park


The food was okay, but I expected it to be much better for the price. My boyfriend and I paid around $30 for 2 omelets and 2 glasses of orange juice. I felt this was a bit high for breakfast which is really cheap to make.


Service was bad - the waitress we had would not substitute anything on the menu and never refilled the water. She was rude and acted like she was inconvenienced by everything.


I thought this restaurant was going to have more of a mountain/nature type theme since it was located near Yellowstone. I was dissapointed in the decor and the general feeling of the restaurant. The tables were way too close together giving the dining room a cramped feel.

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Final Remarks

I recommend visiting Yellowstone National Park at least once in your lifetime. However, there are plenty of other restaurants in the area. Because of the bad service and overpriced, bland food I would not recommend Running Bear Pancake House.

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