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Paserelle Bistro

601 South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 509-0142
Five Stars
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Passerelle's claim to fame is a beautiful patio facing Falls Park. This is the best place to dine alfresco in Greenville. For a relaxing brunch experience, accompanied by great food and a great view, look no further than Passerelle.

  • Paserelle Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Paserelle Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Paserelle Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Paserelle Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Paserelle Bistro Restaurant Preview


Brunch is the time to enjoy the lovely setting at Passerelle. You will have a better view of the park, plus it will be less crowded. And, not to mention, the menu is much cheaper at this time.

The menu is quite small and is noticeably missing a few French favorites. Nevertheless, there are enough offerings to choose amongst. First off, their coffee and espresso based drinks are great, so no need to go elsewhere. Enjoy a few refills of their house coffee and enjoy that prime view a bit longer.

For brunch, try the Passerelle Breakfast plate. This dish includes 2 eggs, potato croquette (so good!), and a toasted croissant. It's a great value at just 13 bucks. Update: now priced at $15 as of 2023.

Another delicious value is the Chicken Salad Croissant. This tasty little sandwich includes lettuce, tomato, scallions, currants, toasted walnuts, various herbs and seasonings, and smoked paprika aioli, all served on a delicious toasted croissant. The plate is served with a side salad and priced at just 13 bucks. Update: Now priced at $14 as of 2023.

Other recent brunch entrees have included a Vegetable Omelet, Croissants and Fresh Fruit, and Mussels Passerelle.

If you have any room left over, treat yourself to a coffee refill and the Chef's Pastry sampler. By far one of the best treats in all of Greenville, this tantalizing display includes an assortment of treats. It's huge too, so be prepared for leftovers.


Service can definitely be a hit or miss here. We have encountered both super friendly and downright rude waiters on multiple occasions.


The beautiful setting is what sets Passerelle apart from all other popular restaurants lining Main Street. Passerelle offers an unparalleled setting next to the oasis of Greenville. Dining on French cuisine while surrounded by the lovely waterfall really places Passerelle near the top of the best brunch destinations in the Upstate.

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Final Remarks

Passerelle Bistro is the perfect dining choice for anyone seeking a laid-back, delicious meal, in the company of fantastic scenery. Brunch is the best time to plan your visit as the pricing is a bit more budget friendly , plus the overall experience is so more relaxing.

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