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Organ Stop PIzza

1149 E. Southern Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 813-5700
Five Stars
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Organ Stop Pizza is perhaps the most unique place to dine in the entire Phoenix metro region. At this unique local gem, you can feast on pizza while listening to music from the world's largest Wurlitzer organ, featuring 6000 pipes, numerous percussions, and countless traps.

The music is not limited to one genre, and they also take audience requests. From oldies, to Broadway classics, to modern Disney favorites, Organ Stop musicians play anything and everything.

The organists are extremely talented and the overall vibe is just so eclectic and upbeat. If you are looking for something unique to do in the Phoenix region, look no further than Organ Stop Pizza!


Organ Stop Pizza offers a variety of specialty pizzas, a salad bar, and a few tasty appetizer selections. You really come here to hear the amazing music - the decent food is just an added bonus. While not the best pizza in town, it's adequate enough and the salad bar is actually pretty good.


Service is surprisingly quick despite the immense crowds which populate the place nightly. The staff at Organ Stop seem to do a great job accommodating the large number of diners.


The setting at Organ Stop Pizza is very laid-back and family friendly. There is no need to dress up or make reservations. The tables are a bit packed together and it can get really noisy & crowded, however, the overall experience is fantastic and the crowd levels do not take away at all from the experience. Be sure to request the Star Wars theme for the ultimate listening experience.

Shows take place nightly, 30-45 minutes after dinner service begins.

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Final Remarks

Organ Stop is the perfect place for any Phoenix visitor seeking an eclectic dining experience. If you are up for trying something new, or simply love listening to music, then Organ Stop is a winning dinner destination. A visit to Organ Stop Pizza really is a one-of-a-kind experience - do not miss out on this place while in Phoenix!

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